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Everyone aspires to live healthily, but only a few truly achieve this feat. What may seem like a distant and challenging lifestyle is easy to maintain, provided one follows certain tips and tricks. It’s often said that staying healthy is perhaps the best thing one can do for themselves. Afterall, a healthy body comes with a healthy mind and the ability to carry out things larger than life.

If you aspire to live a healthy lifestyle, there are more than a few things that you can do to achieve this feat. Remember, all these things must be a part of your routine, and only then they will make a difference.

Here are some tips to swear by for a healthy lifestyle

1. Exercise

Exercising is a crucial step in the direction of a healthy lifestyle. Movement is life – because it starts everything. Countless reports have proven that exercise helps in lowering the risk of numerous diseases, aids in weight loss, keeps bone density high, and ultimately improves lifespan.

Include exercising in your everyday routine and make sure you actively take part in healthy situations. For instance, choose to walk for a short distance commute as opposed to taking a vehicle. Also, exercising doesn’t mean you have to join a gym. Instead, you can join a dance class or play a sport of your liking. Just make sure to include cardio in your daily routine so that your heart remains healthy.

A minimum of thirty minutes of exercise every day is essential and helps maintain weight. Further, with regular exercise and well-maintained weight, you will

  • Sleep much better
  • Protect yourself against type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol
  • Keep your brain cells, bones, and muscles healthy

2. Eating a Well Balanced Diet

The benefits of eating healthy are well-known by all of us– yet we budge into tasty temptations daily. Even though there’s nothing wrong with eating unhealthy food occasionally, it should never be on the daily diet plan. A healthy lifestyle starts with everything that is healthy, and food is an obvious contender.

Many people have this question of what constitutes a healthy diet. Green leafy vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, grains, nuts, fruits, low-fat dairy, fish, and some meats fall under the healthy bracket. However, healthy food is only healthy if consumed in adequate quantities.

Water is another part of the healthy diet and is the force of life itself. It’s necessary to stay hydrated through the day and have access to drinking water always. Drink at least one and a half litre of water everyday. Never let the body dehydrate as it can cause headaches and numerous other problems.

Furthermore, avoid overeating sugar, salt, butter, and red meat.

3. Sleep Enough

As much as the body needs movement, it needs rest too. Sleep is a critical part of everyday life that must be given its due importance. With enough sleep, the body is bound to create problems such as weight gain and trigger hormones in negative ways. Lack of sleep is also associated with migraine and cluster headaches.

Moreover, after a productive day, full of movements – sleep is necessary because it is when the body heals and repairs itself. So, make sure that sleep takes at least 8 hours from your everyday calendar. Leaving the phone at least 30 minutes before sleeping will help in inducing sleep.

4. Mental Health and Staying Positive

Mental health is as important as physical health. A lot can be done in this sphere, and it will truly be a step further to your healthy lifestyle.

Staying positive and feeling good about yourself will help you stay healthy in ways that might be unimaginable right now. Our mind and body work in mysterious ways and optimism is something that kickstarts it for better. Not only does it help in providing a fresh outlook – it makes everyday life more comfortable. Meditate, do yoga, and learn breathing exercises to stay mentally fit. 

So, reduce stress, exercise, feel good about yourself, and stay positive if you wish to adopt a healthy lifestyle truly.

5. Hygiene and Protection from Diseases

Nothing in the first four points work if you don’t maintain hygiene for a healthy lifestyle. Hygiene is critical from numerous standpoints including staying disease-free and letting other healthy things work.

Poor hygiene habits are a recipe for health disaster. It leads to cholera, diarrhoea, flu, and countless other diseases. Considering today, we are more in contact with others –hygiene should always be a paramount for everyone.

Maintaining good hand hygiene and bathing are just some of the things that will help you remain healthy.


A healthy lifestyle starts with a commitment to follow certain practices every day. Remaining healthy is paramount for humans, and everyone should strive to maximize their body’s potential. Even adopting the smallest things like brisk walking for thirty minutes everyday can make a stark difference on the health. Stay positive, set goals, and make sure to follow them everyday.

Furthermore, parents who are reading this should inculcate these habits in their children from early on –as their children will get moulded and carry healthy habits for life.

For more healthy living tips, parenting, and other life tips, visit digital platforms like Momspresso. It is the place where numerous mothers share their life-stories, tips, and tricks towards a healthy lifestyle.

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