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Need of Safety has become the topmost concern for everyone in today’s world. Whenever we think about safety, the first thing that comes in our mind is Safety for women. But, Do only women need safety? Don’t men need safety? With safety there is one more thing that this world needs, Oneness and Togetherness. How about a Unique Smartphone app Idea for safety, that not only helps us with the safety  issue as well as bring us all together. It might seem unreal, but by the time you will be reading the last line of this article, you will also be proudly saying, yes, this app will help us come together and fight the issue of safety.

Well, the first thing is, What kind of safety are we talking about? Here, with this unique Smartphone app idea for safety, we can deal with all kinds of safety issues. Yes, all of them! Don’t get shocked and Let me explain a bit. I thought and thought, what do we do when we are in a problem? We shout and scream for help. 

safety for women with a unique smartphone app for safety of all kinds

You all will agree with that, but whom are we calling? Family members, who is either at home or their respective offices, or the police? No, we are calling the people who are closer to us, unknown people, we scream and shout that maybe they will be courageous enough to come and help. With this fact in my mind, I thought about this unique Smartphone app idea for safety that can be created and can become the source of the help. In spite of shouting or screaming, we just need to hit this app from our smartphone, and it will buzz all the smartphones around us for help. Now when all the people around us will get a buzz to help at the same time, they will all come to the rescue being so close. A person alone would never dare to come and help, but when many people all together will get a Help buzz they all can. This will bring that oneness and togetherness, we all have forgotten.

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We need safety in our home and outside as well. What can be done to have a safe society for everything? There are so many different kinds of evils happening in the society, Is there any way we can take care of them all with an easy way out. Sitting inside in our home, closed doors we discuss and put all the blame on the government and the Police, but don’t you think we are equally responsible? Much before the police or the law system of the city could help the victim we can help. But, how? How would we know someone needs our help? This app will become the answer to all issues.

For example, If you met with an accident at midnight, nobody on the road to help. What would you do? How will someone know that you need help? Either you can shout, sms or call. If you shout, there are chances no one would hear you. If you call or sms your near and dear ones, it will take plenty of time for your near and dear ones reach you. But with this Unique Smartphone App Idea for safety, you can buzz all the Smartphones. Even if someone who can’t see you, but is there only will get the buzz and come for help. The app will not only buzz the nearby Smartphones but also help them locate you. The help will reach you much faster than anyone else.

Let’s look at another example, If a girl has been abducted or kidnapped in a bus. She just needs to press the application key on her Smartphone and all the Smartphones around the bus will get a buzz. No one could see what is happening in the bus. But a buzz can tell people around you that something is not right. The app will help the people who will get the buzz to locate the bus, note down the number and even help the police track down. Just imagine how many lives would be saved.

How can this app help in a theft? If you see someone stealing a car or robbing a house, what would you do? You won’t dare go alone and fight with the thief and at the same time you will be feeling guilty for letting the theft happen. If you call the police they will certainly take time to reach the spot and the thief would have disappeared. With the help of this Unique Smartphone App Idea for Safety, you can buzz all the Smartphones around you. And with all the common people together, no thief would try to even attempt a theft.

This app will help reduce the frequency of all the bad things happening around us and also it will bring us all together. Getting the app installed by all the police offers and traffic police should be a must, so if they get a buzz to help through the app, they can reach the spot as soon as possible. We have heard criminals attempting thefts, kidnapping and murders around the police stations as well. With installation of this Unique App, they will on alert always.

I would like to give this Unique Smartphone app idea for safety, the name, “Stay Safe”. I hope this application can bring that revolution we all need today. Enough of the blame game, the government is not doing anything, police is not efficient… The problem is we have all become so dependent, we have forgotten that together we all can. Yes, we all can!

P.S– Special thanks to Nokia Your Wish is My App Indi-Bloggers meet with Chef Vikas Khanna, Rajiv Makhni and Vishal Gondal, that I realized how important a Smartphone app can be.

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