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Only dressing properly and putting makeup on your face is not enough to complete your presentation. You need to smell good and refreshing when you appear in a crowd. If you are finding a long-lasting and strong fragrance, then Eau De Parfum, Shero of Vanesa, can be your ideal choice. This latest update of the company has already received a good review from the consumers.

The perfume is of all the natural ingredients, including Lilly, Tiara, pink pepper, and pear. The attractive mixed fragrance of the perfume can make the presentation more prominent and impressive in the crowd. The best part of this perfume is its elegant smell and long-lasting result. So, if you are searching for some strong and sensitive smelling perfume in the market, then choose this one and get the best result to enjoy a long time.

Vanesa’s Shero perfume price: 60ml perfume is available at the price of 299/-. You can buy the perfume from retail shops, ecommerce shopping websites, and outlets of the brand.

Vanesa’s Shero Perfume Packaging

Just like the fragrance of the perfume, the packaging of the product is also very prominent and bright. The black pack with the golden color font on it attracts the attention of the consumers easily. The appearance of the perfume reflects the specialty of the fragrance and its strong presence for a day long.

My experience with Vanesa’s Shero

I like to try different perfumes to make my appearance prominent and refreshing in the crowd. So, when I heard about the latest update of Vanesa’s Shero, I decided to try it. The packaging and the detail of the ingredients of the product insisted me to try it once. When I took the smell of the perfume for the first time at the outlet, I felt its elegance. The smell is so unique, elegant yet strong and prominent.

I was in doubt of how long the fragrance would last on my dress, but surprisingly it did not fade away even after I returned home after 9 hours. The smell of the fragrance kept me fresh for a long day at my workplace. The blend of the floral fragrances is very prominent and long-lasting and perfect for turning the appearance into an elegant one.

What I like about Vanesa’s Shero?

  • I love the refreshing smell of the perfume
  • Need very less to apply on the dress to get the fragrance
  • The fragrance lasts for long hours

What I don’t like about Vanesa’s Shero

  • The price is high
  • Not applicable for all occasion

My rating for Vanesa’s Shero is 4.5 out of 5

Would I recommend using Vanesa’s Shero?

Yes, I will definitely recommend Vanesa’s Shero to the people who like strong fragrance for a day long.

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