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What is the right age for LASIK Surgery? What are the Pros, Cons, Risks & Cost of LASIK Surgery?

If you are one of those persons who wears specs or eye lens for most of the time, this is the major question you asks everyone, “What is the right age for LASIK Surgery?” LASIK or Lasik, which stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis, is basically a surgery which is used for correction of eyes suffering from myopia, astigmatism or hypermetropia. In this post, we will let you know about all the basic things you need to know about Lasik, like what is the right age for LASIK Surgery, how much it costs, what are its pros and cons etc.

What is LASIK Surgery?

The very first thing you need to know is what exactly Lasik Surgery is. As we mentioned earlier, it is used for correction of eye and is performed by an ophthalmologist who mainly uses a laser for this surgery. In this surgery, the eye’s cornea is reshaped to improve the visual activity of the eyes. If you want to make it simple, Lasik is basically a permanent solution for eyeglasses and eye lens.

Source: advancedvisionsurgery.com
Source: advancedvisionsurgery.com

What is the right age for LASIK Surgery?

LASIK Surgery doesn’t directly depend on the age but rather depends indirectly on the age. Since eyes are to be treated in Lasik, the condition of eyes matters a lot and the health of eyes depends on the age, so Lasik indirectly depends on the age. Now answering the major question which is, what is the right age for LASIK surgery, there is no such exact answers.

Eyes continues to adjust and change until the age of 18. So, persons below 18 or teenagers should not opt for Lasik surgery until and unless it is very much important. There are many cases where Lasik is done on kids but it will only give a temporary solution as eyes will continue to adjust and change.

As per many doctors, age among 21-25 is considers as the right age for Lasik surgery. The reason is that eyes gets fully adjust till the person reaches 21. However, that doesn’t mean that people more than 25 years of age can’t have LASIK. As we mentioned earlier Lasik totally depends on the health of your eyes. Lasik surgery is totally safe until the age of the 40 as eyes remain healthy and in good condition to get corrected. But, if you are above 40 you may need to consult a doctor before going for a LASIK as during this age, the person may get cataract after the surgery.

Although, no matter what your age is, you will have to give eye tests and pass them in order to get Lasik surgery. You should have a stable visions and stable perception.  If you are 25 and your eyes are not healthy enough for going under Lasik surgery, avoid it.

Advantages or Pros of Lasik Surgery:

  • The main advantage of this surgery is that it corrects the vision. As per Wikipedia, 92 to 98% people feels satisfied after this surgery. The vision gets corrected either on the same day or by the day later.
  • No need to wear glasses or eye lens as Lasik surgery corrects the eyes suffering from vision problems.
  • It is fast process. It usually takes 10-20 minutes in the surgery.
  • It is a painless surgery and there is no need of bandages or stitches after Lasik Surgery.
  • It is a precise and accurate operation due to the use of Laser which is guided by Computer.

Disadvantages or cons of Lasik Surgery:

  • It is a costly process.
  • It is a complex process and even minute problem can result in loss of your best vision.
  • It may result in dry eyes problems in few cases.
  • Glare, fluctuating visions and problem in driving at nights are few disadvantages seen in cases of Lasik Surgery.

Risks Involved in Lasik Surgery:

Despite the use of Computers and Lasers, there are many risks involved with Lasik Surgery. If you have got the answer of what is the right age for LASIK Surgery, you must carefully go through each and every risk involved in this surgery.

  • You may get over corrected or under corrected: There are chances that your vision doesn’t get corrected after a single surgery and you may need second surgery which is called an enhancement. This case usually arises in people with extreme prescription. The second surgery cannot be done for many month after the first surgery and you may have to temporary live with bad vision even with glass. In few cases, second surgery is not even possible due to small size of cornea.
Source: www.awards.sg
Source: www.awards.sg
  • It doesn’t work for presbyopia. If you are suffering from presbyopia and goes for Lasik surgery, it will not be as helpful as you might be thinking. You will still need to wear glasses.
  • Dry eyes and problem of low light vision is frequent in many cases of Lasik surgery. However, it is a temporary problem and gets corrected after few months of the surgery.
  • In very rare cases (0.024% cases) you will complete vision. This rare problem arises due to equipment malfunction or due to not taking necessary precautions during the surgery.

How much does Lasik Surgery costs?

There is no such exact cost for Lasik Surgery. It totally depends on the extent your eyes need to be corrected. Lasik can be done for single eye and can also be done for both eyes. A Lasik for single eye will cost you minimum $300 and maximum $4000. Just double the price if you plan to go for both eyes.

Eyes are one of the most important part of our body and you must consult a doctor before deciding to go for the surgery. Even if you know the right age for LASIK surgery and you are aware of all the risks, we would advise you to consult a surgeon first.

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