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About Trends and Health

TrendsnHealth.com is a contemporary website for latest trends, health and fitness. The website is about the health pursuits, fitness needs and latest trends of today’s World. TrendsnHealth.com content covers a wide range of options from diets, fitness advice, remedies, daily health issues, Fitness troubles, workout trends, weight loss, Emotional stress and all issues dealt by today’s generation.

We’ve even got you covered for Fashion, latest trends, modern lifestyles, what’s In and What’s out. TrendsnHealth.com’s team ensures to provide a daily dose for all your needs, whether it’s topical, seasonal, fashionable, managing children, spiritual, trends or community-led, all of the content on TrendsnHealth.com aims to satisfy the needs and wants of today’s generation for leading a healthy, beautiful and trendy life. Apart from this, we would also come up with spiritual healing and mind calming content.

You’re invited to contribute your creativity with us, get involved by letting us know what else you want to read about, commenting and discussing on the content published or contributing your thoughts and content with us.

About Payal Bansal

My name is Payal Bansal, and I am a Freelance Content Writer and now a Blogger too.

I always had something for writing, I started penning poetry when I was 14 or 15, but lack of self confidence never let me share my talent with anyone. Until and unless a friend of mine who saw that hidden talent, forced me to come and help him write some articles for his blog and websites. I was nervous, did a lot of mistakes, But he didn’t gave up. Other friends came to my rescue; they appreciated my work, which was not actually good enough to get appreciated. But that appreciation gave me a boost, I ended up writing good articles without doing much mistakes, got paid articles which helped me gain my confidence. I would be really grateful to these friends who not only showed me the path, but gave me the courage and strength to follow it

I started enjoying this appreciation, this new confidence, and now I can proudly say I am a professional content writer and owner of my own Blog. I have a long way to go, to give my writings those mesmerizing feel that allows my readers to read more. Craft my content with some elegant words that makes them different from others. A personal touch that can become a trademark for all my content.

Apart from my professional front, I am a family loving person, and like other girls I too like to talk a lot. You can find me on me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or add me to your Google+ circles.

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  1. Hiii Payal Di,
    I’m Sooooo Happy for you Today.. Congratulations and All the very best! 🙂 🙂
    And ab hum dono girls milkar sab guys ki chutti kar denge 😛
    Best Regards,

  2. Good to know that you owned a domain now! I wish you a great success ahead. Chham Chham di ki Jay ho! 🙂


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