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Stairway to Heaven

What would you do for adventure? Sky diving, adventure sports, trekking or something else. If you love adventure, then you must have a look at these stairways. These are the most dangerous, adventurous and scary stairways around the world. These stairways are in different parts of the world, amidst beautiful nature. You will get adventure and great views of nature at the same time. But, these stairways are not at all for weak hearted people. These are Worlds Most Dangerous Stairways.

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Below are the 10 Worlds Most Dangerous Stairways

Mount Hua Shan Mountain

Believe it or not, people do use these stairs which are more like a little staircase engraves on a wall. The stairs are stone stairs and you can only move ahead on these stairs with the help of Iron Chains.

huan shan stairs


huan shan stairs 2

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