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Health of teeth is an important part of overall health. Poor hygiene and bad habits are the reasons why people unknowingly damage their teeth and have to visit a dentist to get dental care. Dental care services are quite costly. Are these 10 habits the reason why your teeth are damaged? If, yes, please change them right now to save your money as well as teeth. These habits are quite common and  most of the people don’t know that these habits are damaging their teeth.

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Teeth Grinding/ Bruxism

We all grind our teeth, sometimes in sleep, in anger or when we have cold. But do you have any idea how dangerous Teeth grinding can be for your teeth? Teeth grinding results in grinding the tooth surface, making it short in height. Grinding the surface also leads to permanent damage to your teeth enamel.

Using Teeth as Tool

Don’t tell me you don’t, we all do. Using teeth to cut a thread, open bottle or peeling sugar cane, poor teeth, always have to become tools of different kinds. Don’t forget we have teeth to chew and bite food. Although, this habit usually results in removing the protective layer of our teeth, the enamel. But sometimes this habit can be very dangerous, you can end up breaking your teeth.

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Wrong way of brushing teeth

Brushing teeth is very important for the health of teeth. Dentists advise to choose a nice toothbrush and a healthy tooth paste. But what we forget is the right way to brush your teeth. You must brush your teeth with care. Rigorously brushing teeth can damage teeth and gums as well. The right way to brush is going slow in circular motion.

Sudden temperature changes

Your teeth might look really strong, but they need care. Having different temperature food at the same time can damage the enamel and your teeth, especially gums. Eating Icecream with hot coffee is not  a good idea for your teeth and gums. Avoid sudden temperature changes in your health of teeth and gums. Also, chewing ice can damage the tooth enamel badly.

Carbonated/aerated drinks

If you love carbonated and aerated drinks, you must read this. Sodas, colas and other such drinks are acidic in composition. This acidity erodes the minerals from your teeth in a process called dental erosion resulting in permanent damage to the health of teeth. Early symptoms are yellowish discoloration of teeth and sensitivity. Even sucking on acidic foods like lemon or drinking too much white wine can also cause dental erosion. No, you don’t have to completely avoid these drinks, you just need to reduce the consumption. To be on safer side, you can also use a straw while drinking aerated drinks so they don’t get in contact with teeth.

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Biting nails

You do bite your nails with your teeth, yes you do. Please stop it, they are actually damaging your teeth. And do you know there are chances you can swallow a bit of your nail.

Rubber candy

Kids love them and so do elders, but these sticky rubber candies are at war for your teeth and gums. Trust me, your teeth and gums if could speak, they would be screaming for help. They stick to your gums and in the teeth and then come bacteria, infection and so on.

Scratching teeth with toothpick/nail

Quite often we start scratching, teeth with nails or sometimes with toothpick to clean teeth after a meal. Using toothpick can be useful if done with care, but rigorous use of a toothpick can be harmful. It even leads to bleeding of the gums.

Breathing with your Mouth open

Breathing with open mouth can cause misalignment and teeth and also with open mouth your teeth can become more sensitive. Breathing with open mouth isn’t good for health as well, as you are taking inside unfiltered air which can be harmful for you.

Tongue Piercing

Just imagine a metal object rubbing your teeth again and again. And having an alien object in your mouth always mean, you will be toying around with it with your tongue or teeth. Not a good idea. With piercing it becomes all the more important to take care of proper hygiene. Piercing means more risk of infection, food being stuck inside metal object pierced.

Teeth are an important part of your personality, take care of health of teeth and try to avoid these 10 common habits as much as possible to keep your smile beautiful forever.

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  1. Hey Payal,

    You exactly said that we do with our teeth in real life, Even some of the thing i did too like opening bottle with teeth and bite nails. I am trying to leave these habits hop i will got succeed.


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