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Who wants to look old? Premature aging, wrinkles and aged skin are the last things you would like to look at in the mirror when you see yourself. We all know that with growing age, our skin will age too. But, we are going to tell you 8 daily habits that makes skin age faster and make you look older much before you should be. You must have seen people who hide their age amazingly, their skin still glows and is tight like of young people. Do you want to know the secret? You just need to get rid of these daily habits that makes skin age faster. No matter, you would be still aging inside, but your skin, your outer personality will not age if you can get rid of these habits from your daily lifestyle.

skin aging, habits that makes skin age faster

Daily Habits that Makes Skin Age Faster


Stress not only introduces you with many diseases, but also makes skin age faster. Stress affects your body, your mind, your emotions and your physical health, so you must keep Stress out of your life. If, you are one those people, who worries too much? Or, If you get stressed out about every single thing? Then you must understand that you are playing around with your mental and physical health. Not only health, but your personality too. Try some relaxation Yoga and meditation techniques to keep Stress away from your mind. You must try anything that relaxes you, be it music or dance or anything. When you feel good inside, you will look young and beautiful outside.

No Proper Sleep

Sleep is the only way in the world, free of cost to rejuvenate you internally and externally. Believe it or not, sleeping helps you stay young and fresh. You must have seen people who work late nights and do not get proper sleep gets dark circles and their skin looks dull and pale. Today, we all are so busy in our lifestyles that we crave for a good sleep, but so many tensions and work load in our head doesn’t let us have a good and sound sleep. And, that’s the reason, wrinkles, blemishes and aging skin makes an early entry in our lives. There is more to not having proper sleep, Not just your skin but sleep deprivation affects your overall mental and physical health. On an average, to stay healthy and young, you must have a proper sleep of seven to eight hours every night. So, if you do not want to look old soon, get proper sleep.


Smoking is one of the most unhealthy habit that has so many bad effects on your health and skin. Smoking triggers the speed of the aging process, making you look dull, loose skin, wrinkled skin and a lot more. Not just skin, smoking makes your lips darker and teeth yellow. Smoking increases the risk of heart problems and even cancer. I am sure, you would not want wrinkles and fine lines on all your body, and skin getting loose making you look like a PUG.

Crash Dieting

Dieting has become a craze for almost everyone today. People start doing crash dieting, skipping their meals, without knowing what real dieting is. This has become a serious concern as, skipping meals, especially cutting down carbohydrates and fats from diet result in loosening skin which results in bad wrinkles and fine lines. These wrinkles and fine lines become permanent making you look old, really old. The glow of your skin goes making you look pale and really weak. If you really want to diet, choose the right way. Consult a dietician and follow their Diet. Diet doesn’t mean skipping meals or eating really less, there is much more to Dieting.

Not Giving Attention to Skin

Having a regular bath and using a moisturizer is not only what your skin wants. Do you take care of your skin? Look at the skin of your face, arms, legs and body, they show you that they need proper care. When we ignore our skin’s need, we make the skin aging process faster. If your face is oily, it doesn’t mean that your legs don’t need proper moisturization! Skin of different areas needs different care. You need to know your skin and let it breathe.

Drinking 8-10 glasses of water keeps overall skin humid and healthy. Eating fruits and having juices gives the skin glow and tightness it needs. Regular cleansing with scrubs helps get rid of dead skin. Regular skin care is very important to keep the skin aging process away. A good skin-care routine naturally keeps the skin young and radiant for longer time.

Bad Eating Habits

Eating healthy or unhealthy food directly impacts on our overall health and skin. You must remember, your parents insisted you to eat vegetables and fruits when you were young. Fruits and vegetables have lots of antioxidants, which prevents oxidative stress that causes free radicals. The free radicals, attack and damage skin cells, which causes wrinkles and they also increases the risk of various types of skin cancer. So, start eating vegetables and fruits to kill these free radicals before they attack your skin cells.

Losing weight in a Short span

We do not exercise and all of a sudden we realize that we have put on weight and start exercising. It is good to exercise to lose weight, but give time to your body to understand this sudden change. You must leave the habit of no exercising at all. If you do not have time, choose stairs and not escalators. Try to walk if you have to go nearby, avoid vehicles. Exercising all of a sudden, makes you lose weight, but comes with lots of side effects. That’s the reason the Gym trainers start with light exercises and then slowly and gradually increase the intensity.

Choosing wrong way to lose weight, results in breaking fats under the skin resulting in deep wrinkles and also loosening the skin. To stay young, healthy and fresh, all you need to do is exercise daily and even if you start daily, go slowly and give time to your body to adapt this sudden change. This habit of daily exercising not only will give you a healthy body, but also a young and glowing one!

Not Protecting Skin from Sun

We all know that sunlight is important for us, but today, sunlight comes with dangerous UV rays which damages our skin. So next time you go out in the Sun, do not forget to use sunscreen lotion and keep your body covered as much as possible.

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