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Cope with Anxiety and Stress without Medication

Cope with Anxiety and Stress without Medication All of us are on the run, trying to get the maximum out of a day. A day,...

Introduction to Trends and Health

About Trends and Health TrendsnHealth.com is a contemporary website for latest trends, health and fitness. The website is about the health pursuits, fitness needs and latest...
bun belly fat with 10 superfoods

Top 10 Superfoods that Help Burn Belly Fat Easily

Today most of everyone is upset about the issue of weight, whether for themselves or for their family members. It is really hard to...
skin aging, habits that makes skin age faster

8 Daily Habits That Makes Skin Age Faster

Who wants to look old? Premature aging, wrinkles and aged skin are the last things you would like to look at in the mirror...

10 Must Have Food and Fruits to beat Winter Blues

10 Must Have Food and Fruits to beat Winter Blues Is it cold outside and you are in your cozy blankets thinking about must have...

Signs and Symptoms Your Thyroid isn’t Right

Signs and Symptoms Your Thyroid isn't Right What is thyroid? The thyroid is basically a butterfly shaped gland which is located above the Adam’s apple in...

The Peaceful End

Can't feel anything, I have gone cold Eyes have dried, Can't sob more Can feel the pulse but have no hold Breath is sinking,...