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Why do you need a medical insurance plan for Corona?

Living in the times of COVID 19 virus has ruined the natural balance of the world. Living securely in this pandemic has become our new normal. Every plan, sports tournaments, picnics, schools, and colleges have been shut down; Weddings, memorial services, and even the places of worship are under strict rules of Covid 19 with very few gatherings while maintaining social distancing. It certainly has taken a mental toll for those who remain behind the doors under lockdown, and even now, when unlock has begun, people are scared to go out. We cannot help much about the mental and physical trauma that so many people in this world are going through because of the lockdown and Covid-19. But we can always secure our loved one’s health with all the protocols government has asked us to follow to save ourselves from Coronavirus. But we all know, that once in a while, we have to go out for either groceries, banking work, or to earn money, which exposes us and our families in risk of Corona. And to save ourselves from the huge financial dip of any hospitalization which we might have to face because of COVID 19, we need Corona Kavach. And that can only be through medical insurance.
Yes!!! You heard it right. Medical Insurances do cover Coronavirus related hospitalisation. So don’t wait, go ahead and get Corona Kavach for yourself and your loved ones.

Source: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/

Type of Coronavirus Health Insurance being offered in India

Corona Kavach Policy
It’s a standard medical insurance policy that covers hospitalization expenses, ambulance charges, PPE kit charges, masks & Gloves charges, Doctor Fees, ICU charges, and home care treatment costs as well incurred during treatment of Covid-19. Sum insured starts from Rs 50,000 and goes up to Rs 5 lac.

Corona Rakshak Policy
This policy is a fixed benefit plan that works by paying a lumpsum after hospitalization of minimum 72 hours.
The major difference between Corona Kavach and Corona Rakshak Policy

Minimum 24 hours of hospitalization is a must for Corona Kavach Policy, wherein the case of Corona Rakshak Policy, minimum hospitalization time, has to be 72 hours.

Sum Insured
Minimum Sum Insured for Corona Kavach Policy is Rs 50,000, which goes up to Rs 5 lac, whereas sum assured for Corona Rakshak is from Rs 50,000 to Rs 2.5 lac for Corona Rakshak Policy.

Individual or Family-based
One can get Corona Kavach on an individual basis or for the family, but Corona Rakshak is the only individual-based, the family floater option is not available.

Optional Benefit
This optional benefit is only available under Corona Kavach Policy. This optional benefit gives the option to add “Hospital Daily Cash Cover. The insurer will be paid 0.5% of Sum insured every 24 hours during hospitalization. However, the benefit is for a maximum of 15 days only.

Already have Medical Insurance Policy!! Does your policy cover Covid 19?

Although Covid 19 is a newly discovered disease, most existing medical insurance policies will provide Covid-19 Health Insurance cover. But to be more sure, you must consult your insurance provider and get all the details. What all charges are they covering, like Medical Expenses incurred while treatment, diagnostic test Charges, hospitalization charges, PPE kit charges while in hospital, other diagnostic test charges, post-hospitalization expenses, ICU expense, Ambulance charges and all.

However, if your policy provider doesn’t cover covid-19, there must be an add-on option for covering Covid-19.

Sit down, relax, and think. If your health insurance covers Covid- 19? If yes, then does it cover basic expenditures of Covid -19 treatment or should you go for Covid-19 special medical Insurance policies available? Stay Safe, Stay Inside, Stay Healthy, and Stay Covered with Corona Kavach.

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