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Why We Must Accept Homosexuality with Open Arms 

Over the past few years Homosexuality has been a much discussed topic. There have been outrage, protests and disdain about homosexuality and those with homosexual inclinations.

Source- www.newstracklive.com
Source- www.newstracklive.com

History of Homosexuality

The term Homesexuality comes from two ancient words.‘Homo’, a Greek word which means, ‘same’ and ‘Sexus’, a Latin term meaning ‘sex’ – romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behaviour between members of the same gender.

Even though in recent years, homosexuality has gained special limelight, it was not a very uncommon practice in the ancient world. In Pre-Islamic period, homosexuality was unprohibited, and was quite common. In ancient Greece it is said that a fee male adult was allowed to enjoy a sexual relationship with a free adolescent boy or a slave, and it was not looked down upon. The Greek emperors were known to have male lovers. The ancient temples of India like in Khajuraho, depicts boldly sculptures of homosexual acts between men, and also between women. While some cultures accepted homosexuality as part of life, some raged against it.

The Bible clearly states that sexual acts between the same sex is forbidden and is a sin. The religion and the religious leaders who set standards of discipline to life certified the relationship between a man and woman as ethical. Homosexuality lost its footing in the society and whoever inclined towards it was looked down as abnormal, physically and psychologically.

Scientific Studies regarding Homosexuality

Science came forth with its own theories and research regarding homosexuality.  Scientific studies determined that genes are the culprits that give us our sexual inclinations. The DNA dictates whether a person turns out to be Homosexual, Bisexual or Heterosexual and it is not a psychological deformity. It is a natural inclination that causes attraction between same sex people.

Social Consequences on Homosexulaity

Homosexuality has come a long way down the path of history from a phase where it was considered as quite natural to be regarded as something totally unacceptable. In recent years, it has seen a mixed reaction. But mostly, homosexuals are not treated with respect or given an equal status in the society. There have been many a factors contributing to such a scenario.

  1. Religion and conservative thinkers, who not only look down upon homosexuality, but also have been propagating against and trying to banish homosexuals from the society.
  2. Ignorant people who without understanding the scientific reason behind Homosexuality, claim it is an act of choice and born out of a dirty mind.
  3. Labeling Homosexuality as unnatural and far from normal an act, just because the society is predominantly heterosexual.
  4. Belief that the act of love has a higher cause, procreation. Homosexuality is just carnal pleasure without any fruit bearing.
  5. Mob effect, the general mass that blindly follows the theories that it is wrong, without putting an effort to really understand the conditions.

Social and Psychological Effect on the Homosexuals

  1. Firstly, the discovery that a person is homosexual leads to a sense of shame that he/she is not like everyone having an attraction to the opposite sex.
  2. The struggle to keep this inclination under control or a secret, fearing abuse and hatred from family and society.
  3. The mental trauma of having to be looked down upon and the struggle to survive in the mainstream.

Why we must accept Homosexuality

Why not? Homosexuality has been around for centuries now, maybe even before men started documenting history. It was a practice much accepted before society formed its strict norms.

  1. It is not a physical or psychological abnormality, but a pre-determined factor just like the color of our eyes, hair or skin, according to Steve Goldberg, who authored a title, “What is normal? – Heredity and Homosexuality” that went in print way back in the February 1999 edition of the renowned National Review. This work quotes, “Homosexuality is like basic skin color, that is the direct result of a physiologically determinative factor.”, he concludes. He has also added that this is a trait or characteristic that comes from birth or in one other words, not something a person opted for but inherent. So discrimination on the basis of Homosexuality is as condemnable as Apartheid.
  2. Just because the homosexuals form a minority chunk of the society that is dominated by heterosexuals does not mean they don’t deserve their respectable place in the society.
  3. The people differ by caste, creed and race. In the same way, homosexuals also differ due to their natural sexual inclinations. They are different, but that does not call for alienation.
  4. Procreation is a law of nature and homosexuality does not result in procreation. But that should not be the reason to differentiate when we have heterosexual couples that cannot have children. There are couples who opt to remain childless, but still a part of the society, then why not homosexuals?

In some parts of the world, the society is turning a new leaf. Many countries, especially European, the USA, Argentina are opening up its doors to the idea of Homosexuality. In a few countries same sex marriages are made valid. This is a welcome change and a feeling of relief to the people in love with the same sex partners. They need not run from their own shadows fearing the rejection from the community they are a part of.

It’s time we loosened up our restricted social norms, open up our thoughts and welcome the ‘different’, because they are as much part of this world as we all are. If they can breathe the same air that we breathe, why not give them a place in our hearts and the society!!

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