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OKCupid, is it just a regular dating app?? Naah!! There is something different in this app. And you being here searching for this app, ensures that you love dating apps or you are planningto try your hands on OKCupid. SO let’s start with a detailed review and let’s see, if I am able to answer those questions bugging your mind about the app.
Well you will get all your answers-

First thing first- What makes OKCupid different from others?

OKCupid app is sleek, very easy to use and FUN to use for sure. But isn’t that what all other dating apps claims too?? Well, the whole lookout of the app is so light and fun, that you will feel the difference as soon as you download the app.

Image source: OkCupid App

You have tons of questions to answer which are fun, serious, deep, dark, quirky, thought provoking and humorous altogether. You can skip as many you want, and you can answer as many as you want. These answers help the app to find a perfect match who thinks alike. Well, we all know, we answer some questions seriously but most of the answers are for fun… right? A glimpse of few questions and answers for you –

These thousands of questions make this app different, ahaan a lot different from all other dating apps.Questions like “Do you have television in your bedroom” or “If I were sent to jail, I would be arrested for” these kind of questions will keep you going;)

Will I find someone nice on OKCupid?

There are more than 10 million registered users from across 113 countries on the app. That’s a big number, I am sure a little search and luck will help you find your match pretty soon. And who knows you end up increasing your friend list, after all its not only hook-ups and love that matters.

Is the app SAFE?

Yes, definitely it is. I tried making a fake profile to check how safe it is. And within a few minutes my account was flagged. How they do it, is what only they know. Or maybe it was their good luck and my bad luck 😉 Till the time, I didn’t added an original pic, I was not allowed to do anything on the app. So for me, the app is very safe. And it’sup to me, what all information I want to add or hide in my profile.

Image Source – OkCupid App

SIGN UP Process

Sign up process is easy. You can either use your mail ID or Facebook account. Once you do that there are a series of questions that ask a lot about you. Like, name, languages you speak, about drinking habits, how important is religion to you, Age group you looking for and how far from your location, Self-Summary, Talents, Traits, hobbies, secrets and a lot more. And there are some, choose the option type questions too, which are very interesting to answer. Trust me they are.Watch the video for signup process-

Once you are done with filling your Profile, you are free to use and enjoy the app.


Set the filters to help the app to show you profiles that you may like. And like other dating apps, swipe to accept or reject the profile. I really love swiping my fingers left, rejecting is fun sometimes … he hehe


If you like a profile, you can message them. But the message trail will only follow if the profile in questions likes your profile. If they rejects your profile, the message chat ends there and then. To see who liked the profile, you need to take paid membership, but luckily the app lets you see messages and chat for free. BINGO!!!

Gender Selection

You will be amazed to know that the app offers you to choose 12 gender identities and 20 sexual orientations. The app has got a lot for everyone.


Although the app is completely safe and take utter care on speech. They make you pledge to be respectful to foster a community of respect and kindness for all users’ regardless gender, orientation or identity. But still, we all know that some crazy, despo beings reach everywhere. And this is beyond control. So be smart and block them J

Download OKCUPID

What I Liked about OKCupid App

  • Its free version has so much to offer
  • Simple, light and so much fun to use
  • Upgrading to A-List (Paid membership) is easy and cheap
  • Loved answering those cute questions
  • OkCupid on Instagram @okcupid_india

What I didn’t like about OKCupid App

  • The chat wizard needs improvement. Chats don’t’ load quickly
  • Small cities and towns won’t offer much selection
  • Last seen is not there. Women always want to keep an eye on their hook-ups :wink :wink

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