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How to Control your anger with simple yet effective ways

You must have heard, “Control your Anger, before it controls you.” Anger management is something, everyone needs in today’s world. Be it a small child, adult or an old age person. Everyone today wants to know, How to control your anger. It isn’t easy for anyone to control anger, but it has become the need of today. Anger might seems[Read More…]

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Tips for Shaving Unwanted Hair Every Woman Should Know

Shaving unwanted hair is necessity of today’s woman Summers are here and unwanted hair growth can be a constant irritation for any woman. And in today’s busy life, running to parlour every time to get rid of unwanted hair is not possible. Shaving is the need of today’s woman. Just Imagine, If you have to run for a party right after[Read More…]

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Home Remedies and Tips to Keep Thyroid in Control

It is said that prevention is better than cure. There are many home remedies which works far better then medicines. Just few years ago, people were not so much dependent on medicines and would try to eliminate the disease by following some common home remedies. For example, you can take a medicine for cold and cough but, a cup of[Read More…]

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Signs and Symptoms Your Thyroid isn’t Right

Signs and Symptoms Your Thyroid isn’t Right What is thyroid? The thyroid is basically a butterfly shaped gland which is located above the Adam’s apple in the neck. It is one the several endocrine gland present in the body which controls many functions of the body including the brain, kidney, liver and skin. It produces thyroid hormone or TH which[Read More…]