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Hydrating skin is important to take proper care of it and keeping it healthy from the inner side. The BB 9-in-1 Mattifying Cream of Oshea Herbals has the exclusive formula to provide the even tone to your skin and make it brighter. The user with any skin tone can apply this cream to get the best result and get an instant glowing glamour. This natural brightening cream has already received a good reputation and rating in the market.
The natural elements of the BB 9-in-1 Mattifying Cream like turmeric extract, mineral oils and aloevera gel can give your skin only positive effects. The Paraben free BB 9-in-1 Mattifying Cream whiten your skin without harming.

Oshea’s BB 9-in-1 Mattifying Cream

The soothing fragrance of the cream adds an extra charm to the BB cream. The elegant fragrance along with the skin brightening properties and UV protection of the BB cream not only increase your beauty but also keep your skin healthy and smooth. Let us look into the complete review of the BB 9-in-1 Mattifying Cream.

BB 9-in-1 Mattifying Cream price: Rs. 325 for per 30 grams packs and available at different ecommerce sites as well as at different outlets of the brand.

BB 9-in-1 Mattifying Cream Packaging

The packaging of the BB 9-in-1 Mattifying Cream is very attractive and beautiful. The cream comes into the market in rose gold color packaging. The style of the presentation of the cream is not only attractive but also appreciable for its long lasting effect and making your skin smooth in a natural way within the shortest period.

My experience with BB 9-in-1 Mattifying Cream

I heard about the BB 9-in-1 Mattifying Cream of Oshea Herbals from my cousin sister who had a good experience in using this product to improve the skin condition and got a good result. I work in office and I need to go out every day. So, I was finding for a cream that cannot keep my skin brighter looking for entire day but can also save it from the harmful UV rays at the same time. My sister told me it can not only fulfill these both purposes, but along with that it can also make me ready within few seconds in the morning. So, I thought of using it and I fortunately I got the better result than I expected.

The natural ingredients of the BB 9-in-1 Mattifying Cream keep my skin hydrated and healthy throughout the day. I had some spots on the skin on which I apply the cream and get the even tone. Moreover, after using the cream on regular basis I have noticed that my skin has become radiant and charming.

What I like about BB 9-in-1 Mattifying Cream

  • Easy to apply on skin and gives instant result
  • The glow stays on the skin throughout the day
  • Suitable to any skin tone
  • Nourishes the skin from the inner side
  • Protects skin from Ultra Violate Ray of Sun
  • Non greasy cream for skin

What I didn’t like about BB 9-in-1 Mattifying Cream

  • Expensive
  • Not very attractive fragrance

My ratings for BB 9-in-1 Mattifying Cream is 4.0 out of 5

Would I recommend using BB 9-in-1 Mattifying Cream

Yes! People who are finding non greasy skin care product to beautify the face instantly can pick BB 9-in-1 Mattifying Cream of Oshea Herbal.

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