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habit that damage teeth, teeth as tool

Are these 10 Common Habits Damaging Health of Teeth!

Health of teeth is an important part of overall health. Poor hygiene and bad habits are the reasons why people unknowingly damage their teeth...

Diabetes Diet and Food Tips: 10 must have Foods for Diabetic Patients

Foods that control Diabetes and Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels Healthy food and Diabetic Diet plays an important role in the life of every Diabetic...

Signs and Symptoms Your Thyroid isn’t Right

Signs and Symptoms Your Thyroid isn't Right What is thyroid? The thyroid is basically a butterfly shaped gland which is located above the Adam’s apple in...
Best-Unique- beautiful-Valentines-Gifts-For-Your-Love-boy-girl-women-men

Beautiful Unique Gifts for Valentines Day 2014 for Men and Women

Valentines Day is the most beautiful and celebrated day for people in love to celebrate their Love. Valentine’s Day is not just a day, It...
gain back weight help

What Makes You Gain Back Weight after Losing it?

What Makes you Gain Back Weight After Losing it The biggest question that every person who is on the spree to lose weight asks- Why do...
Beware these plants can kill you

13 Most Deadliest Poisonous Plants around the World

Mother nature is full of mysterious herbs that help us deal with our daily life. Be it food, nutrition, health or beauty, but do...

Everything you want to know About Feminine Hygiene (Vaginal Hygiene)

What is Feminine Hygiene (Vaginal Hygiene) and Why is it Important? We women take care of our beauty and health, but there is one thing...