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There is a major difference between a healthy tan and the excessive tan resulting from repetitive trips out in the sun. A little exposure to the sun actually gives you a golden look, but when you get the direct sunlight on your skin, and the exposure is too much, you will end up getting a dull and dark skin tone as well. Eventually, the skin simply loses the natural glow. So, people out there try some of the home remedies to get out of the dull tan, but due to the hectic schedule, arranging everything at home and then make a proper tan face pack is not an easy job for all.
This is why, one opts for the best suntan remedy. Amongst the plenty of anti-tan face pack products, Qraa Men’s Haldi Chandan Face Pack is one of the right products to choose from. Qraa Men has recently introduced the effective and beautiful Haldi Chandan Face Pack, which assists in dealing with the uneven skin tone and dull tan skin. In fact, this evades the differentiated color patches and ensures handsome skin. This specific face pack is appropriate for those people who are now having a very tough time removing the deep layer of suntan.

In order to get in-depth knowledge about the product so let’s look at the review of the product

Qraa Men’s Haldi Chandan Face Pack price- Rs. 350 for 120gms

You can visit https://www.qraamen.com/

to avail of this face pack. Apart from online, you can also get the product in different outlets as well.

Qraa Men’s Haldi Chandan Face Pack packaging

As this is a very soothing and light product, so the manufacturer kept this very simple. The product comes in a little shiny black tub, and there is a beige-colored label on the tub. The tub looks very sober and classy.

My experience with Qraa Men’s Haldi Chandan Face Pack

As we live in a hot tropical country, so we get tan easily. Especially for me, where I have to work most of the time outdoor, I cannot control the sunburn, even applying the strongest sunscreen on my face and neck. The most annoying part for me was I used to get an uneven skin tone, and my forehead and t-zone had the worst tan line as well. So, I was looking for a product, which can remove all these tan lines and sunburn quickly and one of my friends suggested me the Qraa Men’s Haldi Chandan Face Pack.

But obviously, this is also not a miracle product, which treated my issues in just one go. Obviously not! I used this product repetitively, and I started noticing the difference. But honestly, this is one of the best anti-tan face packs, and I have ever come across. I use this product twice a week, and after using this 3-4 times, I found out that this made my rough and uneven skin absolutely smooth and soft.

What I like about Qraa Men’s Haldi Chandan Face Pack

  • It comes with skin brightening properties
  • It is organic
  • It is useful for the unclogging of skin pores
  • This is formulated with rich secrets of ancient Ayurveda
  • This is travel-friendly
  • It is effective in adding instant shine and glow

What I didn’t like about Qraa Men’s Haldi Chandan Face Pack

  • The fragrance is quite strong and stays the whole day, which is a bit annoying
  • The quantity is a bit less

My ratings for Qraa Men’s Haldi Chandan Face Pack is 4.5 out of 5

Would I recommend using Qraa Men’s Haldi Chandan Face Pack?

Yes, definitely, I would recommend the product to the people who are suffering from dull skin tan with uneven skin tone.

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