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An easy 6 step guide to help you through new Covid strains and their recovery

A Comprehensive, Expert Opinion on tackling new Covid Strains

Just about a year ago India and the world awoken to the dreaded knowledge of a new man consuming virus that was killing almost everything that it came in literal contact with. There have since then been many several manifestations of the whereabouts of Covid 19, how it incepted, where it originated, how it spreads and what can be done to help deal with it. For almost the whole of the year 2020, we not as Indians, but as the human race, strived, first to survive and then as it has inevitably almost always been the case, to fight back and prevail against the only pandemic of our time.

Questions asked

Covid 19 took everyone by surprise. It took countries and organisations completely in its wake as it spread like wild fire showing no cognisance to international boundaries and borders, to different cultures, to different races and colours and ironically became the one single uniting factor putting for the first time ever in our generation, the entire human civilisation on the edge of ravage, misery and possible termination. 

Answers Found

But a year on from then, the human race as it often does, has found answers to dealing with Covid 19; not just in checking the way it surges through multiple waves and different mutations but also in recovering from the deadly virus to go on to live and enjoy a completely unchanged life. Home remedies have started resurfacing as people have had the much-needed time to understand this new, deadly and invisible foe yet not an undefeatable one.
One of the most heartening pieces of information to have resurfaced in the past year is that Covid 19 while being deadly and dangerous is not a terminal disease and that through special care, rest and recuperation, human beings have the innate ability to survive it and even resurface to go on to live a normal life after having contracted it even in the most potent form. Which brings us to our current matter of business.

Dealing with New Covid Strains and Post Covid Recovery

Every disaster needs a direction for us to follow to be able to overcome it. Similarly dealing with Covid 19 and newer strains and mutations that are heralding themselves needs an expert’s detailed prognosis to help understand and overcome.  This book is an invaluable guide on how to deal with contracting Covid 19, newer, more dangerous mutations and recovering from them in a way where you bounce back as good as new. Covid and Post Covid Recovery: Dr Vee’s 6 point Plan is almost like a ready reckoner or an almanac in helping you galvanise the internal forces of your immunity along with 6 easy to implements steps that will see you fight new and never seen before strains of this dreaded virus in the most optimum way possible.
At a time when COVID-19 continues to have a firm grip on the consciousness of our world, this book emerges as a proverbial light at the end of a long dark deep and cold tunnel as it allows you to stop frantically searching for the best way to survive. Putting an end to this unwanted frenzy is Dr Vishakha Shivdasani best known as Dr Vee as she shares with us a 6-point plan to help us accomplish just that.
Dr. Vee in her wisdom uses her own measured brand of healing principals that have through the years enhanced the living standards of thousands of patients to develop a new protocol of only 6 easy to adhere to steps to expedite a Covid 19 recovery.
It would be important to add here that Dr. Vee’s abilities to help her patients recover and reverse chronic lifestyle diseases is a notable factor in why this book becomes such an essential read not just for people who have already suffered from Covid 19 but also for those who may contract it at some stage before the world and society at large has been inoculated in large numbers or have developed the concept of herd mentality towards the virus.

Dr Vee and her Magic

As an expert nutritionist apart from being a medical professional, Dr Vee has treated thousands of patients all over the world for weight management, and helped countless others reverse chronic health problems like diabetes, heart disease and other lifestyle ailments by judiciously combining nutrition and other lifestyle changes with medicine. She has been vice president of South Mumbai’s Medical Association of Doctors and the proud recipient of Vogue’s ‘Nutritionist of the Year’ award. Dr Vee has also been named by the magazine as a top ‘Wellness Influencer of India’.

Trained; To take on any New Strain

The book is essentially even more important and useful because it also addresses two very relevant and immediate areas of concern that we are about to tackle with in the very near future. The protocols that have been mentioned in the book all stand true and firm against newer mutations of Covid 19 which we may witness in times to come as well. This means that the same 6 step procedure is good enough and competent enough to deal with any new mutating strains that are worryingly surfacing with incredible alacrity.
Apart from offering practical strategies that are easy to implement, Covid and Post-Covid Recovery is an essential read because it also carries a section on how best to prep the body to deal with the contingencies of being inoculated with the vaccines available to us in India or those from abroad as well should you be vaccinated in other regions. This will help allay fears that people are facing with the efficacy of the vaccine and also help with any adverse reaction should your body react in that manner.
Order your copy of “COVID and Post-COVID Recovery: Doctor Vee’s 6-Point Plan” from Amazon by pressing on the link below and transform your understanding on how to best resist and recover from the ill effects of having contracted Covid 19 today. It may just be a  lifesaver not only for  you but your loved ones as well.

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