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PURE SENSE – Hair Cleanser, Hair Mask and 3 in 1 Face Mask

Pure Sense is a brand that has created a buzz in the market recently. Trust me when I say this, Pure Sense products can give many big brands a run. The quality of the products is worth boasting for. I have ordered their most hot selling Macadamia products. Macadamia Hair cleanser, Macadamia Hair Mask and Macadamia 3 in 1 Face mask + scrub + cleanser.  So here I am with their detailed review, so you can choose them for yourself.

What Pure Sense claims?

As the company says, “We believe beauty is rooted in wellbeing, so we craft products that go deeper and help you savour every day. With our little luxuries you don’t just look, but also feel good.”

Pure Sense Products Packaging

Pure Sense Macadamia Hair Cleanser comes in a white pump bottle with a wood like round ring in neck which makes it look really luxurious product. The cleanser is of white thick consistency liquid which smells aromatic.

Pure Sense Macadamia Hair Mask comes in a white and green carton. And in that carton is an amazing white jar that again comes with a wood like lid that makes it look really high end. In the jar is off white really thick cream that smells amazing. No idea if macadamia smells as soothing as the hair n cleanser too.

Pure Sense Macadamia 3in1 Face Mask + Scrub + Cleanser comes in same white and green carton. And in that carton is same white jar with wood like lid. Packaging of Pure Sense is way too good. There is really really thick cream with very small granules.

My Experience with Pure Sense

Pure Sense Macadamia Hair Cleanser and Mask
Pure Sense Macadamia cleanser and Mask without any doubt are way too hydrating and moisturizing for hair. The shine, the smooth silky hair I got after using them can be compared to salon finish hair. This macadamia range is bliss for dry and frizzy hair. Hydrates, moisturizes and strengthens hair from first wash.

Pure Sense 3in1 Face Mask + Scrub + Cleanser
Pure Sense 3in1 is the best product I have came across. It’s like a one shot facial. One cream that cleanses, scrubs and lastly works as a mask. Do I really need to say anything?? It’s definitely a game changer.
Well, its 3in1 product as the name says, but the results are much more fascinating than the name. The glow is instant. The scrub is really mild and melts as you start massaging, and in the end it hydrates and moisturizes the skin from deep within. The mild scrub removes the dead skin without being harsh on skin. The fragrance is so therapeutic that those 15 mins while I was using it, I was in pure bliss… Seriously!!

Would I recommend using Pure Sense Products
I am all gag a over it in the whole review, there is no two way about me recommending the products. Looking forward to try their other products really soon. Love you Pure Sense <3

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