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After long days of lockdown, we are heading towards unlock. Offices have resumed and so is the need to get out of pyjamas. We have lived in easy clothing, getting up late, bathing late and doing nothing. But now, we are back on track. Perfumes are one thing that takes our overall personality to another level. Here I am with Envy’s latest range of perfume – Pleasure. And trust me, as the name suggests, it is definitely pleasure.
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Envy Pleasure Perfume Price- Rs 249/- for 30ml

Buy from – Amazon / Flipkart

The brands says- Envy Pleasure opens with white floral in top note and Jasmine, Middle notes has hint of Floraline and Tube Rose, while Vanilla and Musk in the base notes of the scent makes it a best choice for men.

Envy Pleasure Perfume Packaging

Envy Pleasure Perfume comes in a cylindrical black bottle. Oh it’s a tiny little black bottle that mesmerize us from the first look itself.

My Experience with Envy Pleasure Perfume

I loved it and didn’t notice it’s for men. Ofcourse, my husband saw it and he really didn’t want to leave it. Although, it is for men, but trust me… I am stealing it from my husband every now and then and using it …. I am in loveeeee with it. And every time my husband caught me red handed, my answer me- how does the perfume know, who is using it; with a puppy face … Ofcourse :wink :wink

What I like about Envy Pleasure Perfume

  • Everything

What I didn’t like about Envy Pleasure Perfume

  • Why so small?

My ratings for Envy Pleasure Perfume is 4.5 out of 5

Would I recommend using Envy Pleasure Perfume

YES! It is my all time favourite these days.

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