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When I was young I often saw Old age people sitting alone, sad and depressed.  I have always wondered is old age so boring and full of loneliness? Do all old age people have to be alone and sad? But as I grew up between them, knowing them closely trying to understand them and their problems I came to know what I am sharing with you right here today. Why are old age people more prone to Depression!

Is it because their children aren’t giving them enough love? Or is it something else?

Old man staring at window sad and depressed

You must have all heard that it’s the children who are not giving them love. But that is not true!! Yes, there is more to it. A side never explored, never thought about. Old age people are more like small kids, they need a lot of pampering, love and attention. But unlike kids they would not listen to you, except they want you to listen to them. Here comes the problem, when you don’t listen to them they get angry like an elder but gets upset like a kid and slowly moves into loneliness and depression. They have a heart of a small kid with the brain of an elder. Every person reading this who has old age parents would definitely understand what I am saying here, and all the more will agree as well.

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What is the solution to the problem? How will one get to know if the old age parents are slipping into depression? Let read more and find out.

Signs of Depression in Old Age

  • It is mostly that Old age people lose their interest in daily activities which they used to enjoy doing earlier.
  • They started feeling helpless and hopeless and even find each day very hard to get through it.
  • They start losing interest in food which starts affecting their health and energy.They think that they have good reason to be down or it is a part of aging.
  • They become detached to everything be it their close friends, their interest, their hobbies which itself easily lead to depression.
  • Start avoiding conversations with anyone and everyone.
  • Get irritated and angry for anything and everything without any specific reason.
  • They don’t get the proper sleep (unable to fall asleep or staying asleep, oversleeping).
  • They start spending more time sitting alone and doing nothing.
  • Start stammering while speaking.
  • Gets confuse while speaking and remembering when asked for something.
  • Aggravated pain in joints, muscles and ligaments.

How to Cope With Old Age Depression 

Now when we know what causes Depression and the signs of Depression, let work on what should be done so we can keep our old age parents happy and healthy (mentally and Physically). Here are some tips and tricks by which you can help your old age parents.

  • A warm and short walk in the morning or evening around your locality as you would do with your kids.
  • Visiting the place they like the most, they need quality time and not just quantity.
  • Love needs to be expressed with kids and Oldies, so do not forget to express your love for them occasionally by gifts or just by saying that you care.
  • Do not make them feel that you think they are kids, share your problems so that you can nourish their brain as well by showing that you still need their guidance. This will help boost their lost confidence.
  • Encourage them to join clubs so they can keep themselves busy, socializing and utilizing time can be helpful.
  • Motivate them to utilize their time by going to orphanage and spend time with kids. This will give them a satisfaction as well as socializing with people who need love and have tons of love to share would be great for them
  • Adopt a pet if your old age parents and you are comfortable with pets. Pets can become a great support for them as friends and being busy with them will leave them and their minds alone rarely.
  • Try to plan a trip with your old age parents for a change for them.

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Your old age parents need lots of love and attention but they also need to see the confidence in your eyes for them that they are still needed to guide you. To go ahead with their suggestions or not is your decision but keeping them inside discussions can be more than enough for them. A feeling that they are no more needed keeps killing them inside, they need your help.

Go help them, love them and see your home smiling once again when your old age parents will get rid of Depression and will be healthy physically and mentally.

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