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The ONE High Impact Eye Pencil from Oriflame

Hi Girlies!! I am back again with an Oriflame Review and this time I had my hands on The ONE High Impact Eye Pencil. Oriflame has come up with 4 shades – but only 2 shades are temporarily not for sale. So I am going to review only 2 shades here for you Onyx black and Midnight blue.
Oriflame products are famous and they dont need any introduction and reason. They have maintained their quality from so many years and without any doubt one can use any product from their range. Do read the review and post your experiences as well.

Packaging of The ONE High Impact Eye Pencil

The ONE High Impact Eye Pencil comes in a very bright deep pink retractable pencil. Easy to use which doesn’t need any sharpening makes it all the more comfortable for every girl. But, you drop it once and …… just pray you don’t drop it ever, or it just saves itself :lol
It’s not about only Oriflame retractable pencil, but all retractable pencils are prone to break if fell.

The cost of The ONE High Impact Eye Pencil is 419 INR but you can easily get it at discounted rates through your nearest Oriflame dealer.

My experience with The ONE High Impact Eye Pencil

I have recently love playing around with my eye makeup and using different colours is so much fun. The best part about The ONE High Impact Eye Pencil is you can use it as eyeliners as well as Kajal.

The ONE High Impact Eye Pencil Review

The rich creamy texture of The ONE High Impact Eye Pencil allows convenient gliding as kajal and also as an eye liner. The colored eyeliner gives a Matte Finish and looks stunning with a glossy lip shade. The pigment does not disappear even after hours of usage. Both the shades have to be applied just once to get the look. However, if you want to get a darker pigment or want extra drama on your eyes, swipe them 2 – 3 times. The Opaque finish gives a gorgeous look that is much noticeable when you click pictures. You need to let it set for atleast a minute so it doesn’t smudge. And voila you are good to go.
The ONE High Impact Eye Pencil at least remains intact for 6 hours before it starts to fade a bit. If you do not sweat at all, you can expect the power of the liner to remain intact for more than 8 hours. I apply the eyeliner on my Water Line and upper eyelids as well. I really love the product as it has a much superior formula than what other brands produce.

DO I need to say?? I am in love with these amazing coloured Eye Pencils and I am looking forward for more colours.

What I liked about The ONE High Impact Eye Pencil?

  • Affordability
  • Amazing colours
  • Matte Finish
  • Stays long enough
  • High Pigmentation
  • Suits everyone
  • Highly trustable brand

What I did not like about the product?

  • Need more colours for sure

I would like to rate it 4.5 / 5

Will I buy The ONE High Impact Eye Pencil again?

Yes currently, I have 2 shades with me. I am looking forward to own the rest of 2 Shades that are deep plum and Amazon green as well.
In Short, I liked the intensity of both the shades equally. Henceforth it’s a product worth recommendation and appreciation. The beautiful product is the best alternative for my regular eyeline and kajal. Despite paying half of the price than my normal eyeliner, I am getting a product that is much superior in quality.

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