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How to remove skin tags is the question that might have brought you here, So are you upset with irritating, inflamed skin tag, preauricular skin tag, skin tag on neck, face, armpits, groin and also on other parts of body? These ugly little skin lumps hanging from your skin can be skin colored or red skin tags. Can be painful, itchy and sometimes large too. Do you know why skin tags occur? Want to know, How to remove skin tags ? Then you are at the right place, you can read all the answers to the questions mugging your mind right now about Skin Tags, and in case your question remains unanswered. Do leave a comment below the post, so I can get the opportunity to answer it. Back to the post, How to remove skin tags and why do skin tags occur?

What are Skin Tags ?

Skin tags are also known as Cutaneous or fibroepithelial polyps. Usually skin tags are harmless and painless. They do not grow longer or change their size with time, they stay as they are. Commonly they are about half an inch long, just like a grain of rice. Skin tags consist of a fibro-vascular core, fat cells covered by epidermis. Shaving, rubbing, jewellery or eczema can somehow irritate the Skin tags.

preauricular skin tag (Ear skin tag), inflamed red skin tags

Why do Skin Tags Occur ?

Although there is no evident reason of why do Skin tags occur. Usually it is seen that skin tags appear where skin form creases, like the neck, armpit, groin and sometimes on face as well. It is, however, believed that skin tags occur because of skin rubbing with the skin. Skin tags are commonly found in women compared to men. Skin tags during pregnancy is common and many women face it.

Is it important to Remove Skin Tags ?

Skin Tags are usually harmless and there is no need to remove them, but if it is irritated with the cloth you wear and is making your daily life uncomfortable you can remove the tag. When on the face or neck, skin tags makes one look ugly and there is only one thing you would want to know, How to remove skin tags.

How to Remove Skin Tags ?

Removing skin tags is not difficult, you can visit a dermatologist, general physician, Laser therapy or any cosmetic surgeon. But there are also ways you can remove skin tags at home, easily with home remedies listed below.

Home Remedies to Remove Skin Tags

Apple Cider Vinegar

Get some Apple Cider Vinegar on a cotton ball or you may dip a Q tip in Apple Cider Vinegar. Now apply Apple Cider Vinegar on your Skin Tags using the cotton ball or the Q-Tip. Apply ACV 3-4 times a day, within a week or 2 skin tag will fall off.

Tea Tree Oil

Take a cotton ball and soak it in clean water to clean the skin tag and the nearby skin. Take another cotton ball, soak it in clean water and add 2-3 drops of Tea Tree oil. Apply on the skin tag rubbing the cotton ball in circular motion. Repeat 2-3 times a day for a week or two until your skin tag falls off.

Castor Oil

Get a little castor oil and mix it baking soda to get a thick paste. Apply the paste using a Q-tip on the skin tag. Cover it with a Band aid or a surgical tape. Repeat this daily for a week to get rid of your skin tags.

Lemon Juice

Dip a Q-tip in lemon juice and apply the lemon juice on your skin tag. Do it 2-3 times a day for a week or so. The skin tag will change its color and eventually fall off.

Banana Peel

Banana peels usually end up in your garbage bins. But if you have skin tags, hold on. Cut a piece from your banana peel for your skin tag. Keep the inside of peel over your skin tag and apply bandage or surgical tape to keep the banana peel on your skin tag. Do it daily for a week or so, and one fine day you will find the skin tag no more attached to your skin.

Onion Juice

Take half a onion, Slice it into small pieces and add some salt on it and keep it aside overnight. Next morning squeezes this onion and salt mixture to get the juice out. Now get some cotton and soak it in the juice. Keep the soaked cotton on your skin tag and apply bandage or surgical tape. Make sure when you remove the cotton, wash your skin tag and the skin nearby with lukewarm water. Repeat it every day for a week and you will find your skin tag no more tagged to your skin.

Pineapple Juice

Take a small piece of Pineapple, squeeze it and get some pineapple juice. Apply pineapple juice on your skin tag 2-3 times a day for a week or so. The skin tag will fall off or fade away.  (Don’t use canned pineapple/frozen pineapple or ready made pineapple juice)


Get a fresh garlic clove and crush it to get some paste. Keep the crushed garlic paste on your skin take. Cover it with cotton and apply bandage or surgical tape. Keep it overnight. Remove the tape and wash the skin tag with a cotton ball soaked in lukewarm water. Repeat this for a week to get rid of skin tags.


Either rub some ginger on your skin tag or keep some grated ginger on your skin tag. Keep cotton over it and seal it with bandage or surgical tape. Keep it over night and in the morning wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat it every night for at least a week to get rid of skin tags.

Dandelion Stem Juice

Take a Dandelion stem, squeeze its stem to get some milky Liquid. With the help of stem itself, apply the milky juice on your skin tag. Let it dry, do it 3-4 times a day until the skin tag starts to turn black. Once black it will eventually fall off.

P.SSome people are allergic to daisy, Marigold and other flowers. If you are allergic to flowers, you must avoid this remedy to remove skin tags.

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