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Child Sexual Harassment on Rise

Children are considered as the most beautiful creation of the God and some cruel people of our own society are doing the most heinous crime with these innocent creations of the god – “Child sexual harassment. They are considered to be the most innocent being which can be transformed in any way you want. They are not aware about the things which are useful to them or which can harm them. They have not faced the real world and that’s the reason, they trust people easily and gets mixed with them. Just spend a few hours with a child and you will see, how easily he get attached to you. However, not everyone is as innocent as a child and that’s the main reason of the Child sexual harassment. In, this post, we will let you know why child sexual harassment is on rise and how you can save your child from it.

child sexual harrasment
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Child sexual harassment is one of the most serious crime. The cases of child rapes and child abuse are increasing day by day. News of rapes with girls of age as low as 3 years can be easily heard. This heinous crime is not limited to one state or one country, instead it is worldwide. A shocking news from China claims that a child of age 12 years was sexually abused by his own uncle and it all started when the child was only 7 years old. 5 years of sexual abuse, you can understand the pain and agony of that innocent child. Another news from Korea claims that a 5 years old girl was raped by a group of neighbors and later she was found dead on the road. Childhood is the most beautiful time of every person’s life. But, when cases like this happen, only the victim can understand the pain and guilt he suffers.  While most of the cases of child sexual abuse are not reported, a survey claims that there will be more than 500,000 babies born in the US this year that will be sexually abused before they turn 18. We need to understand why child sexual harassment is on the rise and what can be done to save our children from it.

Why are the cases of child sexual harassment rising?

With such strong laws, the obvious question is why cases of child sexual harassment cases are increasing day by day? There are many reasons for this increase. The very first and main reason is that a child is easy to convince. A simple greed of chocolate can lure a child to do anything. Another strong reason is that a child is not aware about the fact that it is not the right things. In almost 90% of the cases, the relatives or the persons close to the family turns out to be the culprit. So, when a child is abused, he thinks that it is normal because the person is acquainted to him.

child abuse and child sexual harassment
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Another strong reason for increase in cases of Child sexual harassment and child abuse can be something every parent should be fearing from. A child is so innocent that even a small fear of not getting his toy can be the nightmare for him. Many children do not report the case of child sexual because the culprit makes them to do so. He will either threaten them that he will snatch their gifts or the parents will not give him chocolates and rides if the child reports the case. To remove the frustration of the job or to fulfill sexual needs can also be the reason for the culprit to do such a crime. Many times the culprit needs a physiological treatment as he considers that he is actually helping the child by sexually abusing him. A child is easy to get, there are many houses where a child remains alone while his parents are on the work and in these cases, the culprit comes as an acquaintance and performs the crime. Many reports claims that witchcraft is also associated with child abuse. In these cases, it is considered that a child is possessed with an evil spirit and can only be cured if he/she is sexually treated.

How to save your child from child sexual harassment or sexual abuse?

The good news in this whole news is that, being a parent, you can actually protect your child from sex abuse. The very first thing is to look out for the symptoms:

  • Sudden withdraw from almost everything.
  • A child will remain quiet or sad for most of the time.
  •  A gift will no longer excite him and he/she will feel uncomfortable when touched.
  • In the presence of the culprit, the child will try to hide or will remain quiet until he is gone.
  • He/she will remain isolated and will resist from going outside. Also, if the child don’t want to stay alone, you can consider that something is wrong.
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What can you do to save your child?

It can be a difficult task to make your child talk about this, but it can be done with some precautions. The very first need is to talk. Talk as much as you can with your child. Try to know what he did in school, how was his day, what all things he did, with whom he met and questions like this. Educate him about child abuse. Educate him about the areas where no one can touch him or that he should shout if someone touches him at those parts. Make you’re your child is open to you and you are not that much strict with him. Most importantly, keep an eye on your child. A kid can easily lose his way.

talking-to-kids-about-sexual harrasment
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It is said that a child never lies. Now you know why child sexual harassment is on the rise and what needs to be done? Trust your kid when he says that something is not right with him. Only in this way we can stop these child sexual harassment.

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