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Top Qualities of a Man in a Relationship, Every Woman Seeks

Everyone has expectations and when it comes to women, they have a lot of expectations. Every woman search for some top qualities in a man before coming into a relationship with him. Relationships can be a tricky thing because expectations are not met every time. In this post, we are going to share top qualities of a man in a relationship, every woman seeks.

• Respect and Love
Everyone deserves to get love and respect in a relationship. Respect you lady and show her how much you love her. Respect doesn’t mean being nice when she is around, respect means understanding that she is also an individual and should be considered in every decision. Respect what she says, what her goals are and where she spends her time. Respecting her will make you gentlemen. It is not about respecting her only but, respecting everyone who deserves it. Remember she is as much important in the relationship as you are and when you give respect, you take respect.

• Honesty
Who doesn’t want honest men to be her partner? The common misconception is that women doesn’t like an honest person and wants her man to say good things to her all the time despite if it is true or not. For example, if she asks how she is looking and you say good, even if she can look better, this is not honesty. Honesty means being honest for each and every time. This may bring small problems or your girl will get upset but, when she will realize that you always remain honest with her in each case, you will gain he trust and things will be great soon.

• Sense of Humor
The golden rule to impress a woman is by making her laugh. Sense of humor is the one thing which ever women tries to find a man. A man should be able to make his women laugh by his natural wit and good humor. Remember, humor is not just making someone laugh but, it is basically the ability to lighten up a tense situation. Women love to hang around with a person having a great sense of humor and a lady always remembers who made her smile.

Spurce: www.morningcable.com
Spurce: www.morningcable.com

• Confidence
Confidence is the key to success in every field of life. A man who is confident becomes very attractive to a woman. This is a very tricky part as there is a very thin line in confidence and over confidence. While Confidence is a major thing which a lady will love to have in her partner but, a slight overconfidence can ruin everything. Don’t use your confidence to be the center of attraction rather be natural.

• Passion
If you are passionate about something, congrats you already have one top Quality of a Man in a Relationship, every Woman seeks. A person can be passionate about many things like for music, for a career for car etc. A passionate person carries a positive energy around him which is loved by everyone, especially women.
And, if you can be passionate about her or about making her happy, it would be the cherry on the ice-cream. Another thing which no one will tell you that women love men who are passionate about intimacy. For example, just kiss her out of nowhere and see how much she will love it. Well, use common sense too.

• Commitment and Priorities
This is a very important quality. Women always go for men who is certain about his priorities and is ready to be committed. Commitment doesn’t mean to get into a relationship but, it means how seriously you take the relationship. For example, if you can prioritize your time in such a way that she is always your top or most important priority, you are good to go. Don’t be skeptical about the relationship. Give her the time she deserves and you will realize that you relationship is going perfectly.

Source: howng.com
Source: howng.com

• Punctuality
Punctuality is on the top of the list of qualities women wants in men. Not only women, everyone hates a person who is not punctual. For example, you are always late for the dates, you are always the last person to join the group while going for a trip and your morning starts at 11 a.m. Work is important but, not as much important as the lady who made efforts to meet you. So, be punctual and see how well, it will change things.

• Hygiene
Women are very much careful when it comes to hygiene. They want everything to be clear, healthy and on time. Women love to be clean and if you want her to like you, start working on your basic hygiene. Untidy hair, body odor, big nails, yellow teeth all these are a big turn off for women. So, try to avoid these things and be clean as much as you can. We are not saying that you should go to the parlor and get a manicure but, what we are trying to say is that you should be clean enough to have a lady around you. Don’t forget, clean clothes.

There are many other qualities like care, attention, dress sense etc, which are also considered by women but, the above mentioned are top qualities of a Man in a Relationship, every woman seeks. Do let us know if you have anything to say about this post. We would love to hear from you.

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