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There are many people for whom bathing is a 5 minute necessity every day. However, Bathing can also be the best stress relieving and rejuvenating experience for you. Understand what your body needs and likes… everybody is different and so are our needs.

You must have heard about fragrant candles, aromatherapy oil candles and light fragrances specially used for bathing. They provide a soothing experience for your bathing which helps you stay stress free, happy and energetic all day long.

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Everyday stress affects not just our mood but skin too by making it dull and dry. With a little change in the shower, you can experience a whole new change in your behaviour and personality all day long. Yes, you can, and you would enjoy bathing like never before.

Tips and Tricks to make your boring Bath into a Relaxing Bathing Ritual

  • Remove all the extra stuff from your Bathroom ASAP. Yes, declutter it. Use Bathroom organizers, to organize your stuff. A neat and clean bathroom is your first step to relaxation.
  • Deep clean your bathroom if it’s needed. (You may take a professional help)
  • Use small aesthetic products to decorate your bathroom. Artificial flowers or indoor plants, whatever works for you! ( P.S- nothing can replace natural plants )
  • If possible, separate dry and wet areas. This makes your bathroom a little tidier and looks cleaner. Use a translucent curtain.
  • Add some nice candles with fragrances that soothes you inside out.

Temperature of the Water- It really doesn’t matter what month or season it is. It completely depends on your body. Choose the temperature, your body feels good. Be it cold water in winters or warm water in summers. Your body must feel happy and content.

Gel Bathing Bars I never thought choosing a different bathing bar could bring any significant difference. But trust me on this, I tried these cute looking colourful Fiama Gel Bathing Bars. Their fruity fragrance and goodness makes my bathing ritual more interesting than expected. I found Gel Bar more fun to bathe with than the normal soap bars. It relaxes mind and make skin soft and happy. They come in 5 colourful options to choose from

Fiama Gel Bars

Purple – Blackcurrant & Bearberry
Green – Lemongrass and & Jojoba
Orange – Peach & Avocado
Pink – Patchouli & Macadamia
White – Frangipani & Almond Cream

You can get 75g Celebration pack with 4 variants at just Rs. 99 at your nearby stores. You can also get 125g celebration pack with 5 variants at Rs. 259 online.

After the bath, use a soft mushy towel or a Bathrobe. Lie down with closed eyes on your bed for a while, before you get up and dress up for your day.

Moisturize your whole body with any moisturizer you like. I use Extra Virgin Coconut oil, and love it because it doesn’t smell much. Gets absorbed in the body within seconds and doesn’t leave any greasiness or smell at all.

Voila you are done. It might seem like a lot to do. But once you start with this routine… you would love how fresh you feel all day long and you don’t need to drag your body to bath. In Fact your body would wait for you to take it for a bath … :wink :wink

Happy Bathing!

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