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Home Remedies to Beat Period Blues

Whether you like periods or not, you cannot prevent these hideous monthly cramps that come every month to haunt us girls. Every girl wants to beat period blues and have some peace during the monthly menstrual cycle. Every girl hates this uninvited cruel menstrual pain which hugs our body and brings so many ill effects with it. They not just brings the physical pain but also keep our loved ones away from us because of those stupid mood fluctuations. Wondering if there are any home remedies to beat period blues and make these monthly cramps less painful? Well, let us start from, Why are period so painful?? Hmm.. During the periods, uterus contracts to release the mucous and that leads to the pain in the body, specially the abdomen. One has to take few precautions to deal with these hormonal changes. And to deal with the period blues, one must avoid allopathy medicines. And, whenthere are simple effective and powerful home remedies to beat period blues, why to go for allopathy medicines?

Here are Simple effective home remedies to beat period blues

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Fenugreek – Carom Seeds

It is the most effective home remedy and will give you instant results. Take a glass of drinking water and set it to boil. Wash the fenugreek seeds and add it to the boiling water. You can limit it to 1 teaspoon. Add 1 teaspoon of ajwain seeds (carom seeds) to it. Now add few basil leaves to it. Take off the pan when the water turns golden brown and the quantity is reduced to a cup. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar to it. Stir them well. Add half a teaspoon of ghee to it. Drink it warm. This is a miracle drink and will benefit you within 30 minutes after its consumption. It will relax the muscles and will reduce the pain. You can repeat this drink  thrice a day to completely deal with the pain.

Warm Jaggery

Have some jaggery and crush it. Take 2 tablespoon pure ghee and heat it, when heated add 1/2 teaspoon ajwain (carom seeds). Saute the seeds for a while and add crushed jaggery to it, turn off the flame. Because of the hot ghee, the jaggery will start melting a bit. Have the warm jaggery paste with hot milk to beat period blues.

Ginger Tea

Grate ginger and add it to 1 cup water. Let the water reduce to 1/2 cup, strain and add honey to it. You may add 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice. Drink warm Ginger tea.

Cinnamon Tea

Take 1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon powder to 1 cup hot water. Add 1 teaspoon honey (or as desired). Drink the cinnamon tea when warm. You may drink this tea, a day before your period starts to relieve the pre-menstrual pain as well.

Blackstrap Molasses

Add one teaspoon of Blackstrap Molasses to 1 cup of Hot milk to reduce menstrual cramps and pain.

Here are some DO’s and Don’ts to Beat Period Blues

Hot Sitz Bath

You can deal with period cramps by using hot water bottle. Heat the water and pour it in the hot water bag. Cover it with a towel or a clean cloth. Gently place the hot water bottle on your stomach and massage it slowly. Continue it for 15 to 20 minutes. This will increase the blood flow to the uterus, thereby relaxing the muscles and relieving you from the pain. Avoid excess hot water as it might burn your skin.

Cold packs

This is also one of them most tried out home remedy to reduce the pain. You can put some ice cubes in the zipped plastic bag and place in on the abdomen. You can cover the plastic bag with a clean cloth. This will constrict the blood vessels and cramps will gradually reduce.

Calcium Rich food

Calcium is just not meant to strengthen bones and teeth, but is also a solution to deal with menstrual cramps. When there is a calcium deficiency in the body, the muscles become hyperactive causing more and more abdominal pain. Thus, eat more calcium rich food.

Avoid oily and salty food

The sodium intake must be limited as the water retention power during menstruation is very less. The salty snacks will also lead to bloating, which will add to the cramps. Avoid sugary products as well, as it will increase insulin level, leading to production of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins. You must also have a control on your caffeine intake during these days. Stay away from junk food and oily food to avoid further pain.

Drink More Water

None of us can disagree on this. Water is the essence of the body. The food that we consume must be digested to prevent fat formation and bloating. The body must be hydrated to throw the toxins out. Drink more and more water to regulate the menstrual flow. You can also add ginger slices or cucumber slices to the water. If you can manage, drink hot water as it can give you instant relief. It is one among the best solution is the best way to deal with menstrual cramps.


If you are among those who refrain running or exercising during your monthly cycle, hold on, you might be adding to the pain. Doctors recommends exercising to reduce the menstrual pain. You must opt for light exercises such as walking and jogging. This will increase the blood circulation in the body. You can also opt for swimming as it is said to release endorphins. These endorphins releases happy hormones and also fights with menstrual cramps. Avoid weight lifts and heavy exercises.

Wear comfortable clothes

Girls’ and women’s clothes are hardly made with the menstrual cycle in mind. Skirts, jeans, dresses? No thank you. Comfy clothes are essential to soothe your aching, swollen body. Opt for sweatpants, leggings, and soft fabrics for the ultimate cosy feel. You might even consider period panties if you’re tired of being stuffed up with a tampon and a pad. They look and fit like normal underwear, but can carry several tampons’ worth of blood. The “Oh-No” Proof Boyshort from Knixteen is a total game changer for teens who are adjusting to their body changes and are looking for comfortable period protection.


Meditation is the key to deal with Mood swings and fluctuations during periods. Meditation not only calms and unstress your body and mind but also relieves from mentrual cramp.

Hope this article has mentioned all the effective and powerful Home remedies to beat blues. The above mentioned Home remedies, tips, Do’s and Don’ts are simple yet effective remedies to deal with period blues. Avoid taking allopathy medicines to deal with the cramps as most of the allopathy medicines have side effects on the body. If you are suffering from severe menstrual pain every month, do consult a Gynecologist. Do share the home remedy or trick you use to beat your period blues with all the girls out there. Have Happy Periods!!!

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