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Believe me or not, we do express our love to mothers, but when it comes to father’s we always lack behind expressing our love. Father’s day need to be celebrated so we can all show and express our love and respect for our father and make them feel special. I am sure, you want to show your love to your father this year in a creative and unique way. Don’t worry, as I have got some unique creative celebration ideas specially for you and your father. Hope you will enjoy and make this Father’s day the most memorable day for your loving Dad.

#DIY Home made Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

father's day 2014

Creative Envelopes

Get some coloured envelopes and mark them 1, 2, 3 and so on, till your age. In the first envelope, leave a message for your father, from a one year old you. Remember, you made this handsome gentleman a father. Open your heart and leave a message to this man, who brought you in this word. Go on to the second envelope and leave a message from a 2 year old you. You may add some pics of that age, or some souvenir from that age. Get all these envelopes in a box and gift it to your dad. No father can get anything better than those lovely messages that came directly from your heart.

Creative Video

Collect videos, photographs and things from your childhood that relate to your dad. Make a video footage, adding all the video clips and photographs and clicking pics of the objects you found. Give this video a voice-over, telling your dad How much you love him and talking about the video clip, photographs and objects, just open your heart in that voice-over. No expensive gifts can give the pleasure that words give which come directly from a heart and goes directly to the other heart.


They say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and father’s love when their kids cook food themselves. So, choose a few dishes your father loves, take help of internet and your mom and cook for your father. Don’t forget to leave a card, flowers and a message that comes from your heart.

Creative Celebration Ideas for Father’s Day

Image- piximus.net
Image- piximus.net


Plan an evening together, just you and your dad. Every relationship needs time that is just for the two, be it any relationship. So, this father’s day, go one step closer to your dad and make that budding friendship a little more stronger. Plan a movie of your dad’s choice and tell him that you know his likes and dislikes.

Find the Treasure

Leave some clues in his room, car and everywhere to get him to the party, you organized for your dad to celebrate this father’s day Or you may get him to the gift you made for your Dad through the clues.

Old Friends get-together

With time, priorities change, people become busier and friends just remain in the memories. Find those old pals of your dad and arrange a video conference or If possible call them home for a get together. Gift your dad, his old pals back.

Small Gestures

Small gestures bring a big difference in anyone’s life. This father’s day, make your father feel special in every way you can. Let him use the remote, let him sit and relax and you do all small chores here and there for him, give him the hug of love, serve food for him, clean the table for him and whatever you can. Last but not the least, do not forget to say, “Dad, I love you!”

No matter, how you celebrate Father’s Day this year, Just Remember – Do it from your heart! Have a great Happy Father’s Day 2014.

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