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The Sojourn & The Ism from Veeta Singh

Gift is a silent way to express your Love and Respect to your near & dear ones. We always try to find the best possible gift. Veeta Singh has come up with 2 Journals that makes the best gifting option for everyone. The Sojourn & The Ism.

I was gifted these journals from a very close friend. The time I opened the gift, I knew how close Sojourn and The ism are going to be. I kept Sojourn for me and The Ism for my newborn daughter. Why and How am I going to use these journals is what is following in the article.

The Sojourn

Veeta Singh says, “The SOJOURN is a beyond self help instrument that takes you not only on a journey to the outer world but also to the inner world of mysticism.” So, I kept THE SOJOURN for me, I write my heart out. All the feelings, all that happens with me. And I am sure next year when I will read it, it will bring out the best out of me and my feelings. I have got a friend in The Sojourn who will understand me without any questions and will help me become a better person.

The Sojourn is lined, graphed, gridded with multicolored pages that makes it easier for me to record my feelings which will be easily accessible by me anyday.

The Ism

Veeta Singh says for The Ism, “The ISM’ confidentially records and stores the ‘Personal wisdom’ compiled by self reflection for referral in times of need and reconfirms the maxim ‘संकल्प’ से ‘ सिद्धि ‘! – ‘Pledge’ to ‘Progress’!”

Pledge to Progress… these words somewhere strengthened the new mom in me who was struggling with sleepless nights and a lot more. Being a mother is a tough job and the best job simultaneously. I want to record the beautiful moments I am spending with my daughter and also the tough moments so I could gift The Ism to Hinaya when she grows up. The bond we have today will surely get strengthen when she will read how beautiful and tough everyday was. How everyday, we learnt so much about each other. Her cute little things she does every day and night… I will try to capture them all in The Ism and I am sure, the gift that I have got from my friend will become the most precious gift for my daughter one day.

Price – 1500/-each, the journals are available at all major book stores and online retailers
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My rating for The Sojourn & The Ism is 5 out of 5

Will I buy The Sojourn & The Ism again?

Yes, definitely! Not just a gift for someone else, but The Sojourn and The ism are a great buy from yourself too. Keeping a diary close to your heart is a great therapy. No gift can be better than a diary. It motivates, it strengthens, it captures and it gives back so much to you. Try and I am sure you will fall in love with your Diary, Do try it The Sojourn or The Ism once!!

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