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Pregnancy can be felt only by the pregnant women. First time pregnant women and all fathers have the urge to know what Pregnancy actually feels like. So let’s go on a journey of these 9 months of pregnancy and let’s look at pregnancy more closely.

This post will take you all on a journey from the feeling of excitement of getting pregnant to the pains and cramps during delivery. Every bit of pregnancy is like a roller coaster ride, thrilling, exciting and scary.

Good News

No matter how mentally prepared a woman is, when she finds out she is pregnant, she feels like on the top of the world and starts dreaming of the baby in her lap. At the same time nervousness grips her way, how are these 9 months going to be, delivery pains, cramps, medicines and a lot more things to scare her. But when she sees the happiness on her family’s face, every woman is satisfied and ready to take everything for the new life and new happiness coming her way.

morning sickness

Morning Sickness

The very first and classic sign of pregnancy is Morning Sickness. Everyone has heard about Morning sickness, and most of us know about it as well. But in pregnancy morning sickness does not limit to the morning, it can happen any time during the day or night and it is not always accompanied with vomiting.

Morning sickness happens because of rapid changes happening in the body when one conceives.

First Trimester Fatigue

In the first trimester, usually every pregnant goes through Fatigue, one gets tired very easily. This can be tough for every woman, and her day to day chores. The main reason for fatigue is because of sudden extra work the body has to perform after conceiving. One might not notice the changes physically, but internally alot of things are happening which makes the body tired.

After 12 or 13 weeks of pregnancy, the fatigue automatically goes away. It may vary from woman to woman.

Change in Breasts

Change in breasts is another pregnancy symptom which one cannot deny. Growth of breast is caused by extra fat deposits in the body and another reason is hormonal changes in mammary tissues that are going to produce milk for the newborn. Breasts become tender, sensitive, and swell much before the baby is born. For a pregnant woman, this is a tough time, as bigger swollen and tender breasts ache and hurt too.

This change in breasts subside when a woman breastfeed the child and comes back to normal self. The results may vary from woman to woman.

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Joint Relaxin

Another pregnancy sensation is the joints Relaxin. During Pregnancy a hormone is released known as ‘Relaxin’. During childbirth, baby’s large head come out through the pelvic opening. As part of this process, the body releases a hormone known as ‘relaxin’ during pregnancy, it softens the cartilage connection at the pubic bone called the pubic symphysis. Relaxin not only targets this joint but can also make the rest of the joints of the woman feel loose and unstable, too. Relaxin generally leads to aching sensations in the pelvis and other loosening joints, but that’s a good thing as during childbirth a woman will not have to deal with extensive pain, as she already has loosened joints.

Gaining weight

A woman can gain about 11 to 16 Kg during pregnancy, which is pretty normal. Dealing with weight gain can be disturbing for many women as women are very conscious about their looks and weight. She won’t fit in her old clothes leaving her more frustrated. Growing baby bump can also get in the way of everyday chores, especially while sleeping.

The growing baby bump’s increased weight can put stress on the lower back. Pain in the lower back and legs is very normal with gaining weight.

baby kicks in the womb

Baby Kicks

At first you might enjoy and wait for the baby to kick you or move, it’s a new experience for a mother and she enjoys it even when it hurts. At first, baby’s kicks are easy and soft, but with time they gradually grow in strength.

In early stages only the woman can feel it, but later partners can enjoy and feel the kicks and movement by touching the grown baby bump.

Stretching Ligaments

After the 4th month of pregnancy, many women start to experience round ligament pain. Many thick ligaments surround and support uterus of a woman, as the Uterus grows with pregnancy the pain in these ligaments grow too. The sensation is a sharp pain, often felt in lower abdomen or groin area.

Rapid movements in the body like Sneezing, Coughing, Laughing, standing too quickly can cause the pain.

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Braxton Hicks Contractions

After 3 weeks of pregnancy a woman starts feeling contractions, which are called Braxton Hicks which are very painful. It feels like menstrual cramps that increase in intensity with time.

In Braxton Hicks, one feel like the abdomen is getting tightened, but it does not last for long.

Real Contractions

Real labor pains and contraction differ for every woman. But still can be identified by these symptoms- The pain will intensify with time accompanied by an upset stomach, cramps and diarrhea. It has been seen in many women, that they go through ‘Water breaking’. Once the water breaks, do not waste time and visit the hospital as soon as possible.

Newborn baby

Child Birth

The last stage of Pregnancy is Childbirth. The baby’s head gets in the position, it pushes the muscles of the rectum. Now, the pain is unbearable as the baby is making a way out. This sensation urges the woman to push the baby out. The duration of pain and childbirth also vary in every case.

Some women prefer to go for a caesarean section to deliver baby as they find the pain unbearable.

All the pain is worth when you take the little baby in your hands. Do not forget to share what your pregnancy felt like.

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