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Asta Berry Oxy Facial Kit Review

Heylo Girlies!! We all know how expensive facials are getting and in this so busy lifestyle, taking time out for parlors is a big task in itself. Recently, I tried a home facial kit and was really happy with it. So I decided to start review facial home kits, and here I am with Asta Berry Oxy Facial Kit. Asta Berry is a known brand in every parlor near your home. What makes Asta berry a good brand is, it is very affordable and its products are good too. Let’s check if Asta Berry Oxy Facial Kit gives some good long lasting results or not

Disclaimer- The review is unbiased and is an honest Review.

Asta Berry Oxy Facial Kit Packaging and Texture

Asta Berry Oxy Facial Kit comes in a regular carton with a free gift inside – Asta berry Face Wash worth 60 bugs. The carton contains 4 tubes for a four step facial.

  • Oxy+ Cleansing Gel – texture is gel like without any color.
  • Oxy+ Scrub – gentle creamy white scrub.
  • Oxy+ Creme – satin feel like white cream.
  • Oxy+ Mask – Thick white creamy mask.

The quality of the packaging is not that good, but looking at the price tag it comes with, the packaging is good.

Price of Asta Berry Oxy Facial Kit– Rs 225/- for mini facial kit

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My Experience with Asta Berry Oxy Facial Home Kit

Here, I am with my experience with Asta Berry Oxy Facial Home Kit.

I took the 4 step Asta Berry Oxy facial tubes and started my home facial, fingers crossed!!! I started with the cleansing gel. I took a little and massaged on my wet face. I massaged for like 2 minutes and washed my face. The cleansing gel not only left my face clean but also soft and silky. Then I took the scrub and started massaging on my wet face in circular motion. The scrub is gentle, neither too harsh nor too soft. The scrub worked great on the dead skin. I massaged for around 12-13 minutes and gently washed my face.

Then I took the creme and massaged my face with the cream. I took few drops of water after a few minutes of massage to get better results. After my skin absorbed almost all the creme, I took a cotton wipe to remove excess cream. I took the bleakhead remove to remove whiteheads and blackheads from my nose and chin. After that I applied the mask and waited for 10 minutes. After that I removed the mask.

Voila!! I had this refreshing soft glowing skin.

What I Liked about Asta Berry Oxy Facial Kit

  • Very pocket friendly
  • Suits all skin types
  • Gives a nice glow instantly
  • Very easy to use
  • Hydrates skin
  • Easily available

What I didn’t liked about Asta Berry Oxy Facial Kit

  • Glow doesn’t stay for long

My Ratings for Asta Berry Oxy Facial Kit is 3 out of 5

Will I Buy Asta Berry Oxy Facial Kit again?

Would love to try other Asta berry facial kits. Only problem I had with Asta Berry Oxy Facial Kit is that the glow doesn’t stay for long.

Hope you liked the review, waiting for your opinions about Asta Berry Oxy Facial Kit.

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