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Waxing is something we all girls are used to when it comes to remove unwanted hair. But there are times, when we dnt have time and removing those unwanted hairs becomes really really important. Imagine, you are wearing your favourite sleeveless dress and these unwanted hairs pop out to say hellooooo…. Either you change your dress or run to parlour. For those last minute needs, hair remover cremes are the best option available. They dnt take much time, are easier to use and are damn easy on pocket.
I had my hands on this hair remover and thought of reviewing it for all you guys, so Let’s read the complete Astaberry Diamond Hair Remover Creme Review
Astaberry Diamond Hair Remover Creme Price- Rs75 for 60gms

What Astaberry Diamond Hair Remover Creme claims?

As the company says, “The Diamond Hair Remover Crème makes the skin softer while gently removing unnecessary and unwanted hair from legs, hands, underarms and other parts of the body without any pain. It also contains Avocado Oil and Soy protein extracts that moisturize the skin and fortifies it. This Hair Remover has a very gentle and sweet perfume to give the user a pleasurable experience.

Astaberry Diamond Hair Remover Creme Packaging

Astaberry Diamond Hair Remover Creme comes in a silver tube with black lid that is safely packed in a black and silver carton box packaging. The silver n black combo packing looks elegant. It also comes with a transparent spatula that makes it really easy to remove the crème after use.

Astaberry Diamond Hair remover creme Review

Experience with Astaberry Diamond Hair Remover Creme

A surprise date invite from my husband with a request to wear the dress he chose for me. All this happened, 2 day prior to my salon appointment. Damn, I had too many unwanted hair, and I was looking forward for my salon appointment for waxing session. What could I do, I went to nearby store and grabbed Astaberry diamond hair remover crème. I did a patch test, and my skin loved it. So, without wasting any further time. I applied my favorite facepack and then I jumped back onto the hair remover crème. I applied it on my arms and underarms and waited for 3 minutes. I used the spatula to remove the unwanted hairs and crème off. It came out really easily. And before my facepack even dried up completely, I was rid of all the unwanted hairs. WOAH!!! That was amazing.

I could wear that amazing black sleeveless dress and enjoy my surprise date without getting cautious about the unwanted hair.

What I liked about Astaberry Diamond Hair Remover Creme

  • Suits all skin types ( still do a patch test)
  • Removes hair in just 3 minutes
  • Doesn’t leave any hair at all
  • Skin feels soft
  • Don’t need any moisturizer after using
  • Easy on pocket
  • Loved it

What I didn’t like about Astaberry Diamond Hair Remover Creme

  • Nothing seriously

Would I recommend using Astaberry Diamond Hair Remover Creme

Yes, its good and a must try as a last minute resort. Nothing can be better than this last minute 5 minute deal ( 1 minute to apply, 3 minutes to wait and 1 minute to remove)

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