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Reasons and Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Sleep is an important part of your daily routine and your sleep must be comfortable in every aspect so your body and mind can be relax all day long. Sleep not only is important for your overall physical health but also very important for your mental health. You must be shocked to know that you must sleep naked, Yes, you read it right. After reading this article, you will very well know the reasons Why you should sleep naked. There are numerous health benefits of sleeping naked and I am sure, after reading this article, you will definitely love to sleep naked.

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Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Better Skin
Believe it or not, Sleeping naked means better skin. When you sleep, your body gets to breathe, and when you don’t have clothes on, your skin breathes easily that results in better skin.

Restricts Infection in Intimate areas
Intimate areas are the parts of body that are mostly restricted and covered all day long. Night is the time to set them free, so they can have some fresh area. Sweat gets stuck in the groin area, under breast and in all the nooks and corners of your intimate parts. Fresh air, let the skin breathe and restricts any kind of infection.

Regulates Body Temperature
People thinks being warm and cozy during sleep is better, but studies says, it is important to have a cooler environment. Sleeping naked regulates body temperature as when you sleep your body becomes warm, but with no clothes on, your body easily stay cool and hence becomes more relaxed and you get better sleep.

According to naturopath, Natasha Turner (Author The Harmone Diet), Release of Malatonin and growth hormone gets restricted if you stay warm during sleep. Melatonin and Growth hormones are main anti-aging hormones, thus sleeping naked means a cooler body which results in proper release of Anti-aging hormones and you stay younger.

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Lose Belly Fat
Believe it, sleeping naked means easy belly weight loss. Sleeping naked helps you sleep more comfortably that results in controlling your stress hormone- cortisol that results in keeping your energy and hunger levels controlled, says Natasha Turner. So if your hunger levels and stress levels are under control when you wake up happy and less hungry.
Cortisol also helps regulate blood sugar levels and improves immunity.

Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Not just health benefits but there are many more reasons to sleep naked. SO, lets read about more benefits of sleeping naked.

Ease and Comfort
Sleeping naked is more comfortable and easier, your body stays more relaxed and you get peaceful sound sleep. Try it to experience it.

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Stronger relationship with your partner
Between the sheets action makes relationship stronger, and that we all knows. You sleep naked, and your sexual life becomes more active. More cuddling and more active sexual life results in release of good amount of Oxytocin. Oxytocin plays significant role in intimacy, sexual reproduction and social bonding of both the partners.

I hope the reasons and benefits of sleeping naked are enough to drop your pajamas tonight for a better and healthy sleep.

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