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Hey Lovely Girls!!! Have you tried Hair Spa! Well, taking a Hair Spa from a salon is time consuming and obviously not at all pocket friendly. What if I suggest you a product that’s easy to use and easy on pocket too but gives you the results as a salon!! Shocked??? Well, don’t be because I am introducing you to Berina Hair Spa Treatment Nourishing Crème.

Berina Treatment Spa for Hair

Packaging of the Berina Hair Spa Treatment Nourishing Creme

Well talking about the packaging, Berina Hair Spa Treatment Nourishing Creme comes in a light blue tub with white lid. The crème is white in color and has a good consistency. Easy to glide on wet hair, not very drippy not very hard.

Price of Berina Hair Spa Treatment Nourishing Creme is Rs. 390 for 250gm


What company claims?

Company claims, “Berina Treatment Spa Nourishing Cream Bath is suitable for wavy, coloured, bleached and dry hair as it has been enriched with Hydrolyzed Protein. This protein has derivative restoration properties which essentially work on damaged hairs. This Nourishing Cream provides adequate nutrition and nourishment to hair for them to be naturally in good condition and stay glossy smooth and healthy.”

My experience with Berina Hair Spa Treatment Nourishing Creme

Although the brands direction of use says- After shampooing and towel drying your hair, massage scalp and hair with Berina Spa Crème and leave for 20 minutes before washing your hair with plain water.
BUT, I preferred using the spa crème on just slightly wet hair before shampooing. And keeping the crème for good 30-45 minutes. I used my regular shampoo and voila…. The Hair I have always dreamt of. Soft, silky, shiny, manageable, frizzfree and what not.
So you can use it either ways…. The results are going to be awesomely awesome for sure.

What I like about the Berina Hair Spa Treatment Nourishing Creme

  • Easy on pocket
  • Suits all hair types
  • Does what it claims
  • Nice packaging
  • Results stays with you for good 10-12 days
  • One 250gm tub goes a long way (10-12 times)

What I did not like about the product?


My rating of the Berina Hair Spa Treatment Nourishing Creme 5 out of 5

Will I recommend Berina Hair Spa Treatment Nourishing Creme?

In just 390 rupees, 10-12 hair spa sessions at the ease of home, what else does one needs??? Guys!! Your hairs wont mind if you too try this Hair Spa :wink. Try it to believe in the magic of Berina Hair Spa Crème.

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