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Dead Skin?

Dead Skin is something you never want to have and if you have, you just want to get rid of it. DO you want to know what is Dead Skin? Dead Skin is not usually a serious condition, but it is a definitely ugly situation to handle. Dry Skin is a Skin condition in which the skin becomes unsightly, creating fine lines, wrinkles, flaky skin, itchy skin, scaling, cracking and really rough. You must would want to know causes of dry skin, so you can take care of your skin better and take appropriate measures to keep dry skin away.

causes of dry skin

Causes of Dry Skin

  • Harsh Soaps

Every skin is different and every skin needs are different. The cause of your skin can be your soap. The soap that might be good for your family but is making your skin dry. Change your soap now!
Use a mild soap that has a moisturizer in it. Milk based soaps can be good for you.

  • Allergy to skin product you are using

We use so many different products on our skin, like soaps, gels, moisturizers, wax and a lot more. Any of these products might be the reason for your dead skin. The allergic reaction of this product can be the reason, your skin is getting dry day by day. Act now, choose products wisely. Test them on a part of your skin before you start using them.

  • Sun Damaged Skin

Sun and its harmful rays, dry out the skin exposed in the Sun is making it dry and cracky. The excess sweat makes your skin less humid and results in dry, flaky skin. Use a nice sun screen lotion.
People think our body doesn’t need moisturizing in the summers, but that’s a myth. Our body needs hydration in every season. It’s just the moisturizer should be according to the climate.

  • Swimming a lot

Staying in the water can also lead to dry skin. Swimming is no doubt good for your skin, but staying in the pool of water more than needed can be bad for your skin. Not only just the Chlorine present in water has been harmful for your skin, but also staying in pool water, removed the oily layer from the skin which keeps the moisture of the skin locked.

  • Aging Skin

We all know, our skin reflects our growing age. But sometimes, we are not that old, as we look. That means, your skin is aging and not you. In such cases, you must eat nutritious fruit to keep your skin not to age so early. Fresh fruits and coconut water help keep the aging of skin away from you.

  • Medicines reaction

Some medicines react and cause dry, scaly skin. In case you are having any such medications, consult your doctor and change the medicines. In case, the medicines cannot be changed, your doctor might suggest you, how can you take care of drying of skin.
If you want to go the natural way, you can opt for natural juices and fresh fruits. Moisturize your skin well.

  • Frequent hot water shower/ Excess Steam bath

Excess heat from hot water or steam can also cause dry skin. Hot water and steam for longer hours affects the top layer of skin that has keratin. Loss of keratin can cause dryness of skin, which is not good in the long run.

  • Suffering from Diabetes

Diabetic patients usually suffer from dry skin. If you are diabetic, you must take care of your skin. As, if untreated, dry skin can become permanent and you might start looking aged much before you should.

Diabetes, dehydrates the body and poor blood circulation makes it worse.

  • Suffering from Hypothyroidism

Our skin condition can tell us about the hidden problems of our body, one such condition is Hypothyroidism. Patients who are dealing with hypothyroidism usually have dry, scaly and flaky skin. The thyroid gland produces less thyroxine, which affects the oil glands and you have to face dry skin all over the body. Thyroid patients must keep a moisturizer handy and must have fruits and juices in their diet.

  • Lack of Humidity in Climate

Climate affects our body inside out. It also affects the skin of our body. Most people get dry skin in winters and many people suffer from dry skin in the summer, rainy season and whenever the air is very dry, they can feel itchy and dry skin irritations. You must know, which climate affects your skin and work accordingly to keep your skin safe and healthy.

P.S- Now, when you know the causes of Dry Skin, make sure you treat them well. If the problem persists, consult a dermatologist ASAP.

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