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Would you like to use Natural oil which is free from all preservatives, chemicals? Is readily available and is a complete solution for all your skin problems? The answer is Organic Coconut oil. Organic coconut oil is cheap and cure beat all your winter blues and give you a glowing, smooth and wrinkle free skin. Organic Coconut oil for your skin is a miracle as it nourishes your skin, pampers it and repairs it to make you look beautiful and young.

Coconut oil is derived directly from the coconut. Fresh Coconut is cut and dried out. And then Oil is excreted from these dried flakes of the coconut. The fresh organic coconut oil is a miracle oil for all your skin problems. No preservatives or chemicals are used in the oil so it becomes all the healthier and good for you and your skin.

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Uses of Organic Coconut Oil

Organic coconut oil can be used almost everywhere, from your kitchen to your heirs as well. But as we are here talking about the use of Organic Coconut oil for skin, Lets see its uses for the skin

Coconut oil to beat winter blues and have healthy skin


Everyone wants a moisturizer which not only moisturizes the skin but also to keep the skin moisturized for hours. Sometimes the creams and lotions we use, wither over moisturize our skin or they moisturize for only a few hours. Whereas Organic Coconut oil is absorbed completely by skin, and keep it moisturized for hours. Some of us might be a little suspicious to use oil, as we are afraid of stickiness of oil and its smell. But here’s the catch, Organic coconut oil is not sticky at all, and the smell disappears as soon as your skin absorbs it.  What is left is, a soft fragrance and a baby like skin.

Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal

Organic Coconut Oil is enriched with Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal Agents which helps keep your skin healthy. The Lauric acid present in coconut oil is the key that makes your skin healthier and keeps bacteria and fungus away from your skin.

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Using organic coconut oil on Athletes Foot helps soothe it. If you have Skin allergies like rashes, irritation or inflamed skin, using Organic coconut oil will definitely help.

Dry and Flaky Skin

With winters comes the dry flaky skin, not just your arms and legs, but other parts of your body also have the skin being rough, dry and flaky. Using Organic Coconut oil, after completing your bath on your whole body will help you get rid of this biggest Winter Blue.

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If you have Acne, you might be thinking to avoid it! But, Stop. Organic coconut oil is not sticky, it moisturizes your skin and has Antibacterial and Anti fungal agents which makes it all the more important to use if you have acne.


If you are worried about your aging skin and the wrinkles on your body, then you must use Organic coconut oil. Organic coconut oil nourishes your skin, keeps chemicals away giving your skin a proper and healthy diet. Wrinkles are the way your skin telling you, that it is deprived of nutritions. Yes you must eat healthy food, but the nutrients from the food are divided in the whole body. Pampering your skin with direct nutrients is like giving your skin a new life.

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You use deodorant to get rid of body odour which occurs when the sweat is collected in the pit areas and bacteria starts to grow. We know Organic Coconut oil has Anti Bacterial agents, which will not let Bacteria do its work at all, limiting your body odour.
Winter means more body odour because you wear warm clothes and sweat stuck in the armpits making it worse.

Gently massage Organic coconut oil on your skin, and let your skin absorb it. You can wash away the extra oil with plain water or just wipe your skin with a hot towel or napkin. I hope you too can beat the winter blues and have a baby soft skin. It is must better to use organic coconut oil rather than using lotions and creams which are full of preservatives and chemicals.

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Beat Winter blues with Organic Coconut Oil and Have a smiling skin this winter.

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