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Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating. Safeguard Yourself

Just few years ago, online dating was considered as a taboo and people used to stay away from it. However, things changed pretty quickly and as soon as people find out the actual advantages of Online Dating, it became a hit. You get to know about the person without even asking about his/her hobbies, you can get an idea about his nature from the profile created on dating website and if you are thinking to date a person from a social media, you can even know about his/her friends circle. Although, just like there are two sides of a coin, online dating has also got two sides. It can be tricky if some proper precautions are not taken and it can actually land you in trouble, if you got attached with a fake ID or wrong guy/girl. Well, you don’t need to plan your own do’s and don’ts of online dating, as in this post, we are going to tell you the exact do’s and don’ts of online dating which you needs to follow while dating someone online.

Do’s of Online Dating:

Be Honest

Be it real dating or online dating, the very first rule is honesty. If you yourself are not honest with the person you are talking, don’t expect that the other person will be honest with you. Always use the correct details like your name, your size, your hobbies and everything which you are planning to post on the internet. Don’t play much with the picture you are using for the online dating. Keep it less edited and photo shopped. You don’t want to scare the person who is expecting a person similar to the pic and turns out totally different.

Keep an open mind

Always remember why you joined the online dating site. The reason is that you are trying to look out for a partner in the virtual world which can turn out as a partner in the real world. You are probably shy, introvert or too busy with your work that you had to join online dating site for a partner. If someone is trying to talk to you, give him/her a chance. No matter if you like him or don’t like him at-least reply back to the person. Be open to talk to person who are totally different from your ‘type’. Keep your ego and introvert nature of not speaking up aside while online dating or you will end up alone in online dating world too.

Source: www.empowher.com
Source: www.empowher.com

Do your research

In online world, you see a person in the same way in which he wants to show himself. It is possible that he hates cooking but has showed he likes cooking just to initiate a chat with opposite gender. There are many trolls on online dating sites who creates fake profile and are ready to play with your feelings for their own fun. Do a complete checkup before getting serious with anyone. You can ask him/her to send more photos, you can ask question on their hobbies and remember, newer the profile, higher are the chances that it is a fake.

Be Regular

If you have just created the account on Online dating site and are not visiting the site regularly, then you are doing it all wrong. With so much advancement in technology, you just need to unlock your phone, open the app and check the notifications. It would hardly take a minute.

Be Alert

One of the most important do’s of online dating is to be alert. Don’t fall in any kind of trap. There is no need to hurry, give it a time before getting serious about it. Be alert on what kind of details does the person is asking and how will it affect you.

Be ready to feel down

Just like real dating, online dating can also hurt you. Be prepared to get hurt or feel down when you don’t meet up the expectations. There are chances that the person you are talking with has suddenly lost interest in you or just stopped talking to you.

Don’ts of Online Dating

Think before meeting

So, you just decided to meet the person whom you are talking with on the online dating website. But, think a lot before meeting him/her. Ask yourself few question. How much do you know the person? How long are you talking with the person? Where are you meeting the person and at what time? Are you taking someone with you? Don’t just went to meet the person randomly without informing any one of your friends. We do not wish any kind of trouble to you, but remember if the world is a wonderful place, there are some dark corners too.

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com
Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

Don’t indulge in any kind of sexual chat

If your friend just asked a hot pic of yours to know more about you, it’s time to do the thinking. Remember what once goes on internet never comes back, no matter how hard you try. Not only this, your chat can also go public with just one click. So, don’t even think of sending any kind of content which you will regret in future.

Don’t expect much

Don’t expect your friend to look like a movie star or some kind of celebrity. Accept it that people exaggerate a lot on social media and online dating websites. Keep your expectations to the lowest level otherwise you will end up running from the place of meeting.  Be ready to face it and accept it.

Don’t take him/her for granted

If your friend is being polite, don’t take him/her for granted. For example, it’s a meeting for both of you, don’t expect that he/she will pay all the bills. Listen to his/her opinions and then put forward your point. Don’t try to dominate the other person. Just because the person is nice and polite doesn’t mean you should take unfair advantage of it.

Don’t ever give him/her the access to your account

Most of the time people end up sharing their social account password with their friends. There is no point in doing this and you don’t even know what misuse the other person can do with your account. Trusting a person is one thing and trusting him/her with your account is totally different thing.

It would not be an exaggeration that now-a-days most of the couple you will find met via social media. No doubt, online dating sites are a great tool for shy and introvert persons but there are downsides too. This was all about Do’s & Don’ts of online dating. If you have any experience with online dating, do share with us in the comment section.

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