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10 Excellent Reasons you need to break up Right Now

A relationship doesn’t always means that things are always going right. Every relationship has its good days and its bad days. It is very much normal and natural to have opinion difference in a relationship but things starts getting bad when it becomes tough when these difference occurs regularly. There comes a situation in every relationship when you are not sure on whether you want to continue it or not. You starts thinking of some reasons for breaking up and in this post, we are going to tell you 10 excellent reasons you need to break up right now. You need to consider that breaking up can be a hard task, but sometimes it’s the right thing to do.

Source: www.news-articles-jobs.com
Source: www.news-articles-jobs.com
  • There is no sign of future

Everyone wants to spend their future with a person whom they love and care about. Future is one thing which can excite anyone. But, when it comes to future and you starts getting tensed, it is the right time to break up. If you and your partner starts arguing on small things like where to hang out, which movie to watch etc. and you both end up fighting, your future is definitely not so bright. If your partner starts getting worried or tries to change the topic whenever it comes to future planning, you should understand that it is the time to break up right now.

  • Lack of good contact

Every relationship starts with a lot of talking. You spend most of your time on talking with your partner either via phone, by texting or through social media. However, things starts getting slower and duration of talking also starts decreasing. But, if your partner is constantly ignoring you or can’t make time for you, it is one of the ten excellent reasons you need to break up right now. On the other side, if you yourself has started ignoring your partner calls/text, this means the relationship has run its course from your side and it’s time to move on.

  • No sign of making efforts

Making efforts in a relationship is a key for a successful long term relationship. There was a time when your partner and you would spend hours on planning that perfect gateway. Both of you would try to do something special which can bring smile on other’s face. It was all about who makes more efforts. You would eagerly wait for any special occasion like birthday, anniversary, so that you can plan something special and romantic. But, if the things has changed and now if you prefer to go to any restaurant for dinner without making plan and just wishes him/her birthday on phone while sitting on your couch, you need to understand that it is the time for breaking up.

  • Number of arguments and fights are increasing.

There is a difference between silly fights and fights which can hurt you both mentally and physically. While silly fights are the part and parcel of every relationship, full on war games can really effect you. If you and your partner are getting engaged in an argument over unnecessary issues and these arguments results in fights where you don’t talk to each other for days, it is the right time to call off the relationship. It should be noted that there is no relationship where there is no fights, but you have to make sure that fights are part of a relationship and it should not look like relationship is a part of all the fights you have.

  • Priorities have changed and now your partner doesn’t support you anymore

When your relationship started you was the first priority for your partner. Your partner would always try to make it out for you and would always come up with a solution where he can be with you. He/she would support you in all of your life’s decisions and was cool about your job and future plans. But, priorities changes with time. It may be possible that now his/her job and friends are the top priorities and you always find yourself at the bottom of his/her priority list. While he/she was cool about your job but now your partner don’t support you anymore in any of your decisions. If this is happening in your relationship, you don’t need 10 excellent reasons you need to break up right now, you just do it.

Source: baltimorepostexaminer.com
Source: baltimorepostexaminer.com
  • No more independence 

There is a difference between getting possessive and completely going out of the way. It is a good thing to have some little bit of jealousy in a relationship as it shows that your partner is afraid to lose you and don’t want anyone at his/her place. If your partner is going totally crazy about where you go, whom do you meet, why you spend so much time at some place, there is something you need to do. A relationship can work out only if you feel independent enough to go and meet anyone else without being afraid of anything or any kind of questions. If you worry about what kind of question your partner will find after knowing that you went for a movie with a friend, it’s time to break up.

  • Lots and lots of secrets 

If your partner has started keeping lots of secret, it is the time to break up. When you are in a relationship, you expect your partner to be completely honest with you. There should be no secrets and no lies. If you are in a kind of relationship where you can’t trust your partner, there is no point in continuing.

  • Listen to your intuitions and your friends. 

If you are not happy in the relationship and are just trying to stay in it for your partner’s happiness, it may not work well. If you are just convincing yourself each and every day to stay in the relationship, then the relationship will not last long. Also, if your friends or people who are close to you are advising you to quit, then you should listen to them and your intuitions and should just move on.

  • There is no more sex

If you are having regular sex in your relationship, it means you are comfortable with your partner and things are going well. If it has decreased or just vanished, it means you are no more comfortable with your partner and should break up.

  • You are not feeling happy and comfortable

You don’t need any of these 10 excellent reasons you need to break up right now, if you are not happy in the relationship, just call it off.

There is no doubt in the fact that breaking up is not an easy task, but remember living in an unwanted relationship in never better than living single.

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