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How to Get Toned Arms Easily

Just like fat on tummy, thighs, chin and love handles, there is one more part of your body thats gets easily accumulated by unwanted and stubborn fat – Arms. Arms with unwanted fat makes you look really bulky on top and I am sure you would really hate to look over weight just because of your bulky arms. To get toned arms can be a little tricky, but why to fear when we are here to help you out with the best tips and tricks to get toned arms easily setting at home.

By losing fat all over your body, you will also lose fats on your arms, but this article is about losing fat specifically in this area of your body; since there may be possible cases where you may have a normal body but fat has accumulated only on your arms.

Lets Get Toned Arms

Love to wear those sleeveless outfits and sexy blouses, but hate your untoned arms? Are they the ones preventing you from looking gorgeous? Here are few Tips and tricks to get toned arms easily


It is just not meant for children, but also for adults. It is a great solution for your untoned arms. Try to climb across and swing back for 3-4 minutes. Try a wide grip hang so that you strain your muscles around the shoulders. Repeat this procedure for 10-20 times to tone your arms. You may not get instant results, but slowly and gradually the arms will be in shape.

Change your grip

Are you are one who regularly hits the gym and follows all the exercise regimes, yet no results? The biceps are the most strongest of all the muscles. Be very careful while you are holding the bicep curls. The palms up, palms downs and thumbs to the sides are the 3 positions while opting for bicep curls. Perform 20 repetitions to the front and 20 to the sides. The arms will gradually get toned.


Yes, driving is a great exercise. You do not have to keep driving to get your muscles toned. The waiting time at the traffic can be utilized to the core. Place your hands on the steering wheel at 3 and 9 position and press it inward towards the chest. This will strengthen the chest. Now press it outwards by placing your hands inside the wheel. Hold on for few seconds and repeat the process. This is a nice way to utilize the traffic time and get your muscles toned without being noticed.


Yes, rowing the boat is a great way to build up the toned arms. But, one hardly has any access to boats these days. The urban life has made us so mechanical that mobile games and video games have become our favourite pass time. However, if you love rowing, there is a substitute for it. The Olympic bar can be used in the gym to tone the arms. Stand with the bar between your legs and hold on only to one end. Walk backwards and once you in the middle of the bar, bend forward and extend your arms to the rowing position. Let the bar be closer to your body. Continue 30 more rows.


The best exercise both for mind and body is none other than yoga. It helps in toning as well as makes your body more flexible. It calms your mind. The following 2 positions will strengthen your tones:

  • Downward Dog
    Stand still and bend from the root of your body. keep the hips high and press your fingers to the yoga mat. Let your heels completely rest on the yoga mat. Hold your breathe for 3-5 seconds and walk the hands forward. Do not lift your hands. Just walk. Allow your shoulders to completely relax while following this asana.
  • Side Plank
    Once you re in plank position, raise your right hand towards the sky. Rotate your hips and slightly hold the edge of the left foot. Breathe in for a minute and turn to the centre. Repeat the same procedure towards the other side. Perform 20 such set and see the change in your arms.
  • Walk on the Incliner
    A great way to burn calories is to use the treadmill. But if you are looking something more, use the incliner. You can opt for arm workout by opting for 10 percent of intense incliner and walking by holding on the rails.
  • Resistance Band
    It is an apt way to exercise in short time. It is easy to carry as well. Let it be a part of your handbag or suitcase no matter where you travel. A resistance band will tighten and tone the arms. Bend your arms and place the resistance band across your chest. Keep the arms in place by holding the shoulder blades together. Take the right hand out, bring it to centre. Repeat it 30 times. Now, apply the same thing to the left hand.

Hope this article has been useful to you. A toned arm is the need of the lifestyle and it adds to the personality. The above mentioned exercises are very simple and easy to follow. You can also check with your gym or yoga instructor to assist you with specific arm toning exercises. These exercises will take time to yield results, hence be patient with it. Meanwhile, repetitions are a must to get the desired arms. Do keep a check on your diet as well. Eat more proteins as they have a great impact on arms and muscle building. Let us know your feedback and experience on toning of the arms.

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