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Love is forever, Love is beautiful and Love is not definable 🙂

Love Forever

Alone is the word that fills the gap
When u r not there and I am sad
I miss u in the night when sun is not there
I miss u in the day when moon fades away

Shadows of the past soon reach to me
Holds me tight doesn’t let me free
Soon this gap is filled again
When u come to me with your smiling face

Promise me, you will never go
Leaving me alone in this trauma again
The Sun wasn’t sun, the moon wasn’t moon
When u were not here, nothing actually was here

The Moon is shining and The stars are twinkling
We are together again and the nature is dancing
Sky is bustling cool showers
Flowers spreading lovely fragrance

Shining bright eyes your hand in my hands
A promise we made we are one forever.

P.S- This poem is penned by me so please Do not copy it.



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