10 Changes You Need to Make Your Life More Happy Right Now

So you are planning to make your life more happy, but don’t know what to do. Happiness is an important part of life. In this era of rat race, everyone is just faking a smile instead of being happy by heart. We are living in a world where making our boss happy is more important than our happiness. Our life starts with an attempt to impress someone and ends on making someone else happy just to save your livelihood. In this hassle of life, we have forget that we also have our own life and we also needs to remain happy. Watching movies and sleeping for an extra hour is definitely not the right way to keep yourself happy. So, what exactly you need to make your life more happy? Well, in this post, we have collected 10 changes which you should make to your life to make your life more happy.

Source: smellybrains.com
Source: smellybrains.com
  • Exercise for at-least 7 minutes: We all know how important exercise is. But, still we ignore it. In our busy schedule, we have totally forget how exercise can make us happier. So, if you want to make your life more happy, start exercising from right now. There are many advantages of exercise, like it increases brain power, improves body image, keeps the body fit and healthy and keeps you happy. Just a 7 minute exercise is enough as it was found in a recent medical research that 7 minutes of exercise can really help you in making your life more happy. The reason behind it is that exercise makes you feel fresh and active, it improves your productivity and most important, everyone loves a fit and healthy person. You can start with morning walk, jogging, stretching or Yoga.
  • Take a proper Sleep: It is a known fact that sleeps helps in recovering from the tensions of the life and repairs the mind and body so that it can function properly on next day. Ask yourself, for how much hours do you sleep? The answer would lie between 4-5 hours. Not only this, many people suffers from insomnia and just for completing the company targets, they don’t sleep for single minute. You should understand that lack of sleep would make you irritating, lousy and you would feel like you are living like a zombie. It should be notes that 8 hours of sleep is a must and if you can’t afford 8 hours then, at-least try for 6 hours sleep. Less than 6 hours is just not acceptable. Sleep deprived people are weak at recalling pleasant memories of life thus making you sad and gloomy. So, take a proper sleep to make your life more happy.
  • Plan a break: Everyone needs a break. A break can help you to divert your mind from all the tensions of the life and can make you happy. Try to plan a 2-3 days break in every 3 weeks. You can go on a trip, spend time with your family, can do what you want to do, listen music, do drawing and whatever else that makes you happy. The only idea of this break is to give more priority to your own happiness.
  • Change your Food: You eat bread for breakfast, coffee in office, burger in lunch and nothing or very less for dinner. The only time you have a good real food is when you attend a party or an event. It is said that you can control your day with your breakfast. Instead of a morning coffee/tea, go for a glass of juice with an apple. Eat proper lunch and dinner. Reduce the intake of caffeine and junk food. Healthy food makes you healthy and happy. Try new recipes and dishes. To add more happiness to it, you can even cook it by yourself or help your mother/wife in cooking.
  • Move Closer to work: Well, it may surprise you that the distance between your home and your office/college can also affect your happiness. The reason behind this is that you cover this distance two times a day, five days a week thus you end up losing most of your time on travel. This affects you in a way that you feel monotonous, gloomy and tired all day long. Just imagine if your workplace is just at walking distance, then how happy you would feel. It is weird yet effective way to make your life more happy.
  • Help as much people as you can: Helping others is the perfect way towards making oneself happy. That moment when someone says Thank you in return for help is the happiest thing one can ever feel. It is not a rocket science, help doesn’t mean that you need to give tons of money or lend your house to someone. Just feed a beggar in a week, donate for a noble cause, help old peoples and anything which can make you happy.
Source: delhii.in
Source: delhii.in
  • Spend less time on mobile phones and computers: In this era of technology, most of our time is spent on smartphones and computers. They were designed to save our time but now-a-days they are just wasting our time. Try to minimize your time on these devices. Use this time on improving or developing a hobby. It may seem bit difficult in start to ignore these gadgets but once you will control your urge to ignore the, it will surely make your life more happy.
  • Accept Invites: Start accepting invites from your closed ones, relatives, friends and acquaintance. Going to an event, a birthday party, a marriage will let you explore more and more. By visiting these events you will get a chance to meet people whom you don’t have met for long time. You can also socialize in these kind of events. So, don’t just ignore these invites, accept them.
  • Be positive: It is a common saying that everything happens for a good reason. Accept this fact and live with a positive approach towards life. Instead of pointing out flaws in anything, try to look out for good thing in it.
  • Meditate: If nothing works, go for meditation. It is the perfect was to keep yourself cool, calm and composed. Seek help from expert and start meditation from today.

This was all about how you can make your life more happy. Keep smiling, stay happy.