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10 important reasons to become an Organ Donor! (Why you must donate your organ)

Have you ever thought why to become an Organ Donor? Just imagine, if you can help people even after your death. How about gifting a life to a needy person? Yes, we are talking about organ donation, one of the most social and noble cause in the world. It is the greatest and biggest charity you can do. It is simple, does not need any efforts or money and can give you inner peace and happiness. In this post, we will clear all your doubts about organ donation. We will give you ten simple yet effective reasons for organ donation. We will be clearing out all your doubts and will also let you know about the procedure of becoming an organ donor.

Source: donatelife-organdonation.blogspot.com
Source: donatelife-organdonation.blogspot.com

What exactly is Organ Donation and what organs can you donate?

Wikipedia defines Organ Donation as the donation of biological tissue or an organ of the human body, from a living or dead person to a living recipient in need of a transplantation. It simply means your organs will be transplanted to a needy person. You can donate heart, kidneys, intestines, lungs, liver and pancreas. However, organ transplants can be done only in cases of brain death which means a death which is caused when there is not enough blood supply of oxygen to brain, thus making brain dead and non-functional. Organs like corneas, skin, bones and tendons, heart valves and bone marrow can be donated in cases of natural death.

Organ donation can also be done while you are alive. In this case, you can donate organs and tissues like one kidney, one lung, one liver, part of the intestines and pancreas. Being a living donor, you can also donate blood, skin, blood stem cells and bone marrow.

Who can become an organ donor?

There is no such rule book or hard and fast rules for becoming an organ donor. You just need to be completely fit and healthy. Although there is an age range of 18 to 60 years, but you can donate organs even if you are below 18. All you need is a consent from your parents. Apart from that you should not be suffering from HIV, Heart Diseases and Cancer. No fees, no efforts, nothing. You just need to register and carry that donor card with yourself all the time.

Ten Important Reasons as why you must Donate Organs:

  • You can save 8 lives: No, we are not exaggerating. It is a fact that a single organ donor can save up to 8 lives. These 8 peoples can be your relatives, your friends or someone who is in a real need of organ transplant. In this world, where everyone is just thinking about themselves and humanity has lost its way, you can actually gift life to 8 peoples.
  • It is totally free of cost: Money is an important factor in today’s life. We don’t do so many things just because they cost too much. However, organ donation is completely free of cost. There is no fees, hidden charges or anything like that.
  • You can improve life of 50 peoples: If you are donating all your organs mentioned above in the post, you can actually enhance life of 50 people. Being a living donor you can donate tissues and organs which can help these 50 people. So, you are saving 8 lives and improving 50 lives.
  • People need Organs: In a recent survey, it was found that more than 1 lakhs people are waiting for an organ transplant and a new person is added to this list at every interval of 10 minutes. Over 5 lakhs people dies just because they don’t get organ transplant on time.
  • It will help your family to fight the grief of losing you: Just imagine, how happy your family will feel that your death can save a life of so many peoples. It will give them a strong reason for not to stay in grief of losing you. It will help them to cope with your loss.
Source: beadonor.ca
Source: beadonor.ca
  • It will give you inner peace and happiness: Remember, how good you felt when you helped a needy person. You felt a peace and happiness which can never be compared with any materialistic thing. So, when you will realize that you would be saving lives even after your death, how much peace and calmness it will give you. Just do it and you will understand it better.
  • It will eliminate the fear of death: Trust me, once you become an organ donor, the fear of death will be vanished or reduced. As you will be sure that even if you will do it will be for a good cause. You will not regret that you had done nothing good in your life.
  • It is supported by almost every religion: There are many things which we miss because our religion doesn’t support it. Although, organ donation is supported by most of the religions. Read more about religion and organ donation.
  • It is the biggest charity you can do: No matter if you do charity or have never done charity in your life, by becoming an organ donor you will be doing the biggest charity one can even think of.
  • Because you should do it.

How to become an organ donor in India?

There are many NGOs and institutions which are working to promote organ donation in India. You can contact Donate Life India. If you are pretty much sure that you want to become an organ donor, you can just directly fill the form.  This was all about organ donation and why to become an Organ Donor?

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