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The most beautiful experience of a women’s life is the miracle called Pregnancy that brings a new life to this world. Women are lucky that only they have been given the opportunity to bring a new life in this world. A woman can make a relation with the baby much earlier than anyone else. Neither the 9 months of pregnancy are easy for any woman nor is the delivery. Still a woman feels incomplete without a baby of her own. Let’s read more about pregnancy.

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How to get Pregnant/ How to conceive

Do not leave pregnancy on Luck, there were times when couples used to do that but now think before conceiving, Plan the pregnancy. When you are mentally and emotionally prepared for a baby you will be able to take care of the baby much better. If you are trying to get pregnant, but having difficulty in conceiving then prepare a chart according to the woman’s Ovulation Cycle. Keep a check on the body’s temperature. During ovulation there is a slight increase in temperature. Note down the dates according to your ovulation for 2-3 months to be more accurate. You can also use the Ovulation Predictor Kit.

Do plan your family near the ovulation time for positive results. Try to stay happy and calm and eat healthy. If it still doesn’t work, consult a good Doctor and follow his treatment.

If no treatments help, go for Surrogacy or Adoption.

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Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

The first and earliest sign of pregnancy is when you miss a period. That’s a positive sign of pregnancy, but you can’t be 100% sure. Other signs and symptoms are as follows

Tender and swollen Breasts
Hormonal changes make the breasts sore, tender and sensitive. They seem fuller and heavier.

Feeling dizzy
Blood Pressure drops during pregnancy resulting in Dizziness.

Nausea / Morning sickness
Pregnancy hormones make you feel weak when you wake up. Although women can feel nausea at any time of day, but early morning hours are more common.

Increase in urination
In Pregnancy you end up urinating more and the urge of urination becomes more frequent.

Cravings for specific food
It’s very funny that when you are pregnant you end up craving for things you hated earlier. This can be due to hormonal changes or might be the new baby’s wish.

Increased sense of smell
Another funny symptom, Pregnancy hormones plays with your senses too. Your sense of smell increases.

Mood Swings
Hormonal changes in the body make you more vulnerable and emotional

These are the first few symptoms of pregnancy, although they are not unique and cannot be 100% sure about the pregnancy news. You go for Pregnancy test in a Lab or you can use Home Pregnancy Test Kit.

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Pregnancy Diet

Diet during Pregnancy is very important. There are foods you must eat and there are food you must not dare to eat. Let’s have a look

Food to Avoid In Pregnancy

Papaya- Papaya contains Latex which may cause miscarriage.

Fish- Raw or Undercooked Fish must be avoided. Fishes with higher mercury level such as Shark, Swordfish, King Mackerel and Tilefish.

Artificial flavors- Avoid canned food and canned juices. They are full of chemicals and preservatives with high sugar content.

Smoke and Alcohol- No explanations needed. Smoke, drugs and Alcohol is very bad for the foetus.

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Food you must Eat in Pregnancy

Fruits- Except Papaya, you can have all fruits specially Apple and Mangoes. Apples & Mangoes are really good for pregnant women.

Green Leafy Vegetable- When you are pregnant you need lots of nutrients and green leafy vegetable are the best source of it.

Nuts- Nuts are full of Mineral and Vitamin E which are very useful for pregnant women.

Carrots- Carrots are a good source of Vitamin A, and is important for foetus’s bones, teeth and eyes. Carrots also have Vitamin B6, C and Roughage (fiber).

Fresh Juice- Juice is very good for pregnant women as it contains tons of nutrients and is easy to digest.

Coconut Water- It is healthy and prevents Fatigue and dehydration. Coconut water contains calcium, Magnesium, Folate and Vitamins.

JaggeryJaggery is a good source of Iron, and helps in indigestion. A small amount of Jaggery after food helps in indigestion.

There are plenty of other things to include in your Diet, but these are just a few important ones. Do get a Pregnancy Diet chart from your Doctor.

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