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Oshea Mesmeric Eye Defining Kajal

Hello girls!!! I am back with an amazing review about a newly launched Kajal – Oshea Mesmeric Eye Defining Kajal. The name itself speaks alot, but how can we blindly believe just the name and for that I am here with a complete unbiased review. I recently brought the product because the eye makeup trend is just not fading away. I keep stalking good quality herbal products for my eyes. Fortunately, I came across this long lasting Mesmeric eye defining Kajal that has something peculiar in it. It doesn’t require you to scratch it repeatedly. Just a single stroke is enough to leave dark black tint.

Packaging of Oshea Mesmeric Eye Defining Kajal

Oshea herbal products always come in hygienic ecofriendly packing. The same applies with oshea mesmeric eye defining Kajal that comes packed in a cardboard plate. Kajal pencil comes in black color packing that describes the product to a certain extent. The cardboard plate showcases the features of the cosmetic product that would certainly compel you to buy it. Its a regular packing just like all other Kajal brands but it stands out for its own creativity.
Its a roll on stick, which doesnt need to be sharpened at all. The only scary about these roll on stick kajal’s is either they break or the roll on stops working. So I am keeping my fingers crossed for Oshea Mesmeric Kajal Stick.

I purchased Oshea mesmeric kajal 2.5 gram Kajal at 195 INR. However, on buying it from E-Commerce sites, you can get up to 10% discount on it.


My Experience with Oshea Mesmeric Kajal

What does one look in a kajal? DArk black colour, long stay, doesn’t smudge and most importantly doesn’t irritate eyes.

Well, I found most of things in Oshea Mesmeric Eye Defining Kajal except one. The soothing dark black color of oshea mesmeric kajal is impressive and healthy at the same time. In these harsh summers, I was amazed how it enhanced my look and also stayed with me for so long. My eyes felt so comfortable using it, it doesnt irritate eyes at all. But it does smudge a little in initial few minutes. But after 5-10 minutes, its like a part of your own eyes :wink :wink. Furthermore, I could not feel any irritation despite wearing contact lenses. That burning sensation which compels you to remove the kajal after a certain time period is not present in this particular product. In short, The creamy texture of Kajal gave oomph factor to my eyes and personality.

What I liked about the product?

  • Affordable
  • Long lasting
  • nice hygienic packing
  • Suits almost everyone
  • dark black matt colour
  • one stroke in enough
  • skin friendly

What I did not like about the product?

  • It smudges in initial minutes of applying, once dried its great
  • Scared of rollon sticks as they break easily

Will I buy the Oshea Mesmeric Kajal again?

I have already ordered one more pack of oshea mesmeric kajal online. I am in love with this pocket friendly amazing kajal.

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