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We are living in an environment where pollution is increasing rapidly. Apart from the pollution there is UV ray that is causing harm to our skin. No matter what change occurs in the environment the first effect is seen on our skin. Due to all this issues you will notice oiliness on your skin and whenever our skin gets oily it attracts dust and smoke. The dirt mixes with oil and clogs the pores of our skin and do not let our skin breathe. Sometime, people face bacterial and fungal infection due to pollution and humid weather. This is the reason you need to keep your skin clean all the time and Oshea Tea Tree Fresh Wipes will help you to achieve clear skin.
The face wipes not only remove the excess oil and dust from the skin but also moisturize the skin at the same time. It helps to prevent acne formation on the skin and also maintains the pH balance of the skin. As the product is organic the wipes will not trigger any skin irritation to the skin. The most important thing about the wipes is the product is organic; so, unlike other wipes they are biodegradable.
In order get an in-depth knowledge about the product let’s look at the review of the product-

Oshea Tea Tree Fresh Wipes price – Rs. 165 for 30 wipes

You will get the wipes at https://www.osheaherbals.com/ , or you can get the product at all outlets and e-commerce site.

Oshea Tea Tree Fresh Wipes

Oshea Tea Tree Fresh Wipes Packaging

As the product is an eco-friendly product so the manufacturer gave it a green packaging. The packaging is very user friendly as it comes with a lid that keeps the wipes wet for longer period.

My Experience with Oshea Tea Tree Fresh Wipes

I came to know about this eco-friendly product by one of my favorite bloggers. I am a working professional and most of my time is spent outside. So everyday my skin gets exposed to sun and pollution and due to that my skin was breaking out recently. I could not figure out the reason; but later I discovered that it was happening due to clogged pores. So I started using the wipes and it removes the oil and dirt from the skin. Moreover it has tea tree that will helps to keep the oiliness at bay. On the other hand, the wipes help to restore the pH balance of the skin.

Whenever I go out in the sun I apply sunscreen and after some time my skin start secreting oil. I use the wipe to remove the oil and dirt and then reapply the sunscreen. In this way I can stay away from sun tan as well. The wipes have tea tree and neem that help to fight against acne issue. The wipes are formulated by following the Ayurveda and this is the reason it is suitable for everyone.

What I like about Oshea Tea Tree Fresh Wipes

  • It is an organic product and bio degradable
  • The ingredient in the product is interesting and beneficial for skin
  • It has moisturizer that helps to restore the moisture to the skin
  • The packaging is pretty attractive
  • The wipes are suitable for both men and women
  • You will get visible result in few day

What I didn’t like about Oshea Tea Tree Fresh Wipes?

  • The fragrance is pretty strong that may irritate some people
  • The wipes come in only one variant

My ratings for Oshea Tea Tree Fresh Wipes is 4 out of 5

Would I recommend using Oshea’s Tea Tree Fresh Wipes?

Yes, I would because taking care of skin is essential for everyone. People with oily skin will be benefitted by the product.

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