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Pour Home Air Freshener Gel Review – Lime Life & French Flora

We have used so many air fresheners, and here we are with an air freshener from POUR HOME that comes in a GEL format. Here we are with, Pour Home Air Freshener Gel and let’s see how impressive it is. There are 2 variants Lime life and Fresh Flora. Hope you will like my review of Pour Home Air Freshener Gel.

Pour Home Air Freshener Gel Packaging

Pour Home Air Freshener Gel comes in a round box with tin lid and a twist and open spiral plastic lid on top. You can choose how much to open by sliding the spiral thing, which is really amazing. The box comes with a double tap that makes it more convenient to be used and secure on the place you want to. Loved the packing and ease of use.

Pour Home Air Freshener Gel Price – 75/- for 75 gms pack

My Experience with Pour Home Air Freshener Gel

I was hell tired with the air fresheners my hubby was using in his car, so I placed both, the lime life and the French flora in his car. The best part of this air freshner gel is, you can use the spiral lid to control the air freshener’s fragrance. Like if I want to enjoy the outside weather, I can easily close it completely, if I had Chinese during my drive I can open the spiral thing to its fullest and get rid of garlic smell completely. I am in love with the packaging. And with the two variants it comes with, you can switch the fragrances so easily.

So when we are on a long drive and I want that romantic mood in the car, I open the French flora and shut the lime… it becomes so much fun and easy. I am loving them both.

What I Liked about Pour Home Air Freshener Gel

  • Very Affordable
  • Easily available
  • Loved the packaging
  • Beats the smell
  • The spiral lid is so amazing and fun to use
  • It goes long way, as it is gel based
  • Both fragrances are fresh, new and completely opposite

What I Didn’t liked about Pour Home Air Freshener Gel

  • Nothing at all

My rating for Pour Home Air Freshener Gel is 4.5 out of 5

Will I buy Pour Home Air Freshener Gel again?

Would love to try more of their fragrances, but certainly these two are very good and amazing.

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