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11 Common Pregnancy Myths and Facts

Hey to-be-mothers out there! Pregnancy time is one of the most precious times a couple spends with each other. I am sure, you must be really excited that you are actually pregnant now? Being pregnant is life’s most precious moment for every woman. At this time when you are pregnant, you must be hearing lots of pregnancy myths and facts. Some people predict baby’s sex while some predict your mood and your reactions. But today, we will discuss about the Pregnancy myths and facts and will know, which of them are true and which are false. This will surely help you have a stress free healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy is the time when a new life develops inside you, it sounds complicated, but it is one of the most beautiful phase as well. When you’re pregnant, you hear a lot of things from people around you, like, how to act, how to eat, how to walk, how to sit and even many try to predict your baby’s sex. Let us expose the myths and understand the facts from all the things you have been hearing all this while and will be hearing in the coming time.  Let us know the reality about the myths and facts of pregnancy.

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Myths and Facts about Pregnancy

Craving for ice creams and pickles

This is truly false because all women do not crave for ice creams and pickles, but yes food cravings are true facts of pregnancy. Food cravings are generally helpful in letting you know about your body requirements. Women who crave for pickles are generally mineral, sodium deficient and crave for salts. Women who crave for junk foods like ice cream are generally those looking for comfort themselves. Pregnant woman’s body demands sugar, which helps in producing serotonin and makes a woman feel good.

Do not carry heavy items

It is true because pregnant women must not carry weight more than 25 pounds as their bodies are already burdened with the additional weight of a baby which throws off the woman balance. Pregnant women must avoid carrying heavy weights in order to protect themselves from a fall.

Carrying low (Boy) or Pregnancy Acne (Girl)

Carrying a baby in womb totally depends on the woman body type so it is truly false. Gender is not reflected by the pregnancy acne. Women who are thinner and taller tend to carry baby higher while those women who are fuller and shorter carry lower. There is no relation with the gender of a baby as it is just a result of the natural hormonal changes.

Alcohol and Pregnancy

Alcohol during pregnancy can cause high risks of miscarriage or premature delivery. It is poisonous to the bay growth and development because alcohol is a ‘feto-toxic’. So, it is true that alcohol and pregnancy must not be paired up.

Say no to baths

This is a purely false myth about pregnancy because pregnant women are advised not to take a HOT (over 98°) baths which is unfavorable during pregnancy. If someone helps you during taking hot baths then it can help in decreasing uncomfortable swellings of legs and arms as well as increase the amniotic fluid in the body and also prevents premature contractions. Swimming is one of the best exercises during pregnancy, which helps mothers relax as well as helps in alleviating anxiety.

Stress during pregnancy is harmful

Moderate level of stress is good, but it’s true that stress during pregnancy is really harmful for the fetus. Stress basically tones the nervous system of fetuses and significantly accelerates the development of the baby.

Pregnancy and Fish

Women are advised not to have fish during pregnancy because there are chances of food poisoning as well as due to mercury levels but saying no to fish during pregnancy are false. Women can go for fresh fish and fish oil has various benefits for baby as well. It helps in the development of baby’s brain as well as improving the IQ of a baby and prevents premature contradictions.

Shouldn’t eat sweets

Yes, it is true that pregnant women should say no to sweets, but an exception to this is CHOCOLATE. Pregnant women consuming chocolate everyday give birth to babies who smile and laugh more and show less fear.

No hair dying during pregnancy

It is false, a sort of because women must avoid chemical products. They must try to expose themselves little too artificial products and dyes are no exception.

No rigorous exercise

Pregnant women are advised not to exercise during their pregnancy because the fetus too gets a beneficial workout, but their heart rates are slower as well as variable, which is directly connected with the cardiovascular health of a baby. So, it’s true that pregnant women must say no to rigorous exercise.

Morning Sickness

The hormone levels of every pregnant woman are different, so the fact of morning sickness does not apply to all pregnant women which mean it is false. The morning sickness is felt due to rise in the female hormone i.e. Estrogen and it really depends on an individual.

Pregnancy is the time when the couples have to deal with various unique challenges and it is pretty much understandable that parents can do everything to give a healthy life to their baby. There are various myths and facts of pregnancy, which basically have no answers, but for every fact you get an advice for sure whether a wrong one. The biggest priority of parents is the safe birth of their baby. So must think twice, before entertaining anything you hear from people around you. Be cautious while blindly trusting anything and everything you hear during your pregnancy.

These were some common pregnancy myths and facts which you must be hearing from many people around you and thus it becomes all the more important to know which of the are myth and which of them are facts. Enjoy your pregnancy, relax and do no panic about anything. Do as you are advised by your doctor and meditate to stay calm and composed. Pregnancy is a beautiful time, live every moment of it and enjoy the development of your baby growing inside you. If there is any Pregnancy myth and fact, which you have heard much often and I forgot to mention, Do let us know so all the other pregnant women can know about it too.

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