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You know there are millions of haircare products –  hair oil, hair serum, hair conditioner, hair vitalizers, shampoos and what not! Some of them are easy on pockets and some dig deep bog holes. But with so many hair issues we do face, we really dnt mind spending a little more to get the results. Being a new first time mom,I experienced extreme hair fall, split ends and frizzy hair after my c-sec. I have spent a lot on many products and I just got some relief from onion oil and I was still searching for a shampoo that could cater all my problems without further damaging my hair. I heard a lot about FreeWill personalized hair kit and the factthat it is being personalized for you, your hair and your hair issues….. grabbed my attention and had to buy it. SO here is my honest complete review of FreeWill Personized Hair kit which I have been usin from more than a Month and thus I can now tell you what exactly I and my hair felt. 

BUY FreeWill Personalized Shampoo
FreeWill Hair Assesment

The brands says– Mild & safe for everyday use. Sulfate, paraben & formaldehyde free. One kit goes on for around 2 months.

FreeWill Personalized Shampoo Packaging

FreeWill Personalized Shampoo comes in a cute carton with your kit that consists Shampoo conditioner and serum. Transparent pump bottles with shampoo and conditioner of your chosen colours. WOW
And yes, as they are personalized, it comes with your name. SO now, I can say- “ Han ispe mera naam likha hai” :wink. On serious notes, if anyone else other than you is using freewill, you would easily know, which one is yours as they are personalized according to your hair and hair issue type.

My Experience with FreeWill Personalized Shampoo

My first use experience was amazing with a little bump. I make sure to oil my hair one night before I wash them. As FreeWill shampoo is sulphate free, it doesn’t lather that much. After 1 wash, I still had oil in my hair.
In my next wash I made sure to wash my hair twice with Freewill shampoo to get all the oil out. I conditioned only my root ends, as I have oily scalp. The results were much better. I use serum only when I am going out in sun, or some event.
Itchy Scalp- Soughted
Volume- Not so much
Frizzfree- YES
Hairfall- To an extent Yes!!
Split Ends- Cant comment on that!!

I found that FreeWill Personized Kit is a soft delicate shampoo that doesn’t have harmful chemicals and is good for everyday wash too. As it won’t harm your hair in any way.


Well, recently I have heard alot of bad reviews and updates about FreeWill. Are they all a lie? No they aren’t. Then are those negative feedback to be believed? Not exactly.
See, not everything can suit everything. Yes, at FreeWill, they make sure that you fill a form, and a shampoo is made for you as per your needs and wants. But still there are many other factors which can’t be catered practically and thus there are many, who don’t give desired results. But there are many many more users who have got the perfect results.

What I like about FreeWill Personalized Shampoo

  • Chemical Free
  • Does all what it claims
  • It is personalized

What I didn’t like about FreeWill Personalized Shampoo

  • Expensive
  • Gets over in less than a month
  • A very rare possibility, it might not suit you

My ratings for FreeWill Personalized Shampoo is 4.0 out of 5

Would I recommend using FreeWill Personalized Shampoo?

YES! I have already ordered my next shampoo from FreeWill already, as I dnt use much conditioner.

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