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What it feels like, Being a Failure

Being a failure is a feeling deep inside one’s heart, the feeling of heaviness, the feeling of fear and frustration, the feeling of gloominess and guilt. Being a Failure is a feeling that we try to neglect until and unless the feeling starts killing the self confidence and the morale of a person. When this feeling of being a Failure grows, one feels angry, unhappy and can’t breathe easily. The feeling of being a failure makes the life of a person miserable for himself and the people around him.

If you are wondering that you are the only one who is feeling all these miserable things. Then let me tell you that most of us somewhere in our life experience this feeling. I myself have faced this feeling of failure, but now I am glad I am out of it. I experienced this burden of failing in life, the feeling of being a failure that gave me pain each and every time in my chest whenever I even after so much of hard work I couldn’t succeed.

For the people around me, I was a successful and disciplined person, but deep inside I knew I failed at so many things. Yes, I am successful at many things, but all those things I failed at, were deep inside killing me. I knew and I couldn’t forget that I failed, that feeling of being a failure was not letting me free.I failed were the words that kept moving in my head every now and then, and the heaviness of these words was like little doses or big punches as powerful as Mike Tyson’s punch.

There might be a serious reason for this feeling of being a failure and there might be a stupid reason behind this feeling which you are taking very seriously. In both the cases, your self confidence, your morale and your personality will suffer badly. So whenever you feel that you have failed in life, do remember these points that helped me get out of that miserable feeling.

how does it feel when you feel like being a failure in life
how does it feel when you feel like being a failure in life

Tips to Deal with the feeling of Being a Failure


If you think Yoga is only for Yogi’s, think again. Yoga is something that works for your overall body, mind and soul. Yoga helps you get a healthy body, purify your inner self, strengthen you emotionally and make you feel happier from inside. Practicing yoga for 10-15 minutes daily can works wonder. Sitting on the floor with closed eyes and just concentrating on your breath is enough for the beginners to see the miracle of yoga.


To feel energetic all day long you must understand that your diet plays an important role. I have seen many people just keep binging chips and stuff when they are upset or not in a good mood. That only makes you feel more pathetic. Trust me, a friend advised me and I changed my diet for just a few days and I could see the changes in me and my morale.


Life keeps teaching us every moment, it’s us who either learn or just stop learning at all. The miserable phase of when one feels being a failure in life, one cuts off from this learning. This is the biggest mistake we all do, never stop learning.

In fact, to boost your morale and get the self confidence back, you may join some small course of anything you like. You may go for Dancing, cooking or anything you like.

Think and Redefine Failure

Think and redefine Failure. Yes, you need to do that. Your definition Failure sucks and you know that. Find a positive way to look at this word failure. Read positive quotes. Yes,  it does work. Everything you read does impact on your thinking process, reading positive quotes defining Failure helps too.

The following quote from Sir Thomas Edison will justify my point clearly like a transparent prism

positive quotes on Failure

Social Circle

Try to stay with people who boost your morale and are positive thinkers. Do not at any cost be with people who put you down or laugh at you. Your friends and family are the only people who can unknowingly help you the most. Trust me, choosing whom to stay with and let guide you is in your hand. Choose your social circle with utmost care.

I hope, like I was able to get out of this miserable feeling of being a failure, this article will help you all too. If you liked and enjoyed reading this article, Kindly, comment your suggestions and feedback below the post.

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  1. Hey Payal,

    Good tips to remove the regret and feeling of being failure.

    We couldn’t be successful on everything in life. What we make to feel failure may be the reason to feel success for someone. Like if I think that I failed to earn ₹20000 in this month, maybe some think that having a blog is success for him.

    So everyone has its own definition of success. What I do remove this failure feeling is keep myself happy. I say to myself that I have to make myself happy in any situation. Feelings that make down or sad, I just kill them 🙂 . Thus feeling of failure too.

    Great Call to action, I was forced to +1 and comment (Y).

  2. Hi Payal,

    Nice Article. I liked it most. Your points are true. Yes. It needs to follow then you become feel good and tension free. Yoga, Proper diet can remove your mental depressions as well as good health issues. So, both the things are very necessary for every person’s life. Thank you very much for sharing this valuable informative with all of readers. 🙂


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