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Rise and Prevalence of Cancer in India

Cancer is a deadly disease that is engulfing India silently and taking on lives of many with each passing day and now cancer in India is on rise. According to The Times of India, “In India, it is estimated that 14.5 lakhs people are living with the disease, with over 7 lakhs new cases being registered every year and 5,56,400 deaths which are said to be cancer-related. An estimated 71 percent of all cancer-related deaths are occurring in the age group between 30 to 69 years.”

The only good news to be expected is that if cancer is detected in its initial stages, it can be taken care of and the person can lead a healthy life, defeating cancer. Also, latest advancements in treatment and attentiveness of symptoms indicate that 85 percent of those who are diagnosed with cancer can live for more than five years. When it comes to such a deadly disease, it is significant to keep in mind that early treatment is the greatest treatment. Experts suggest that if you notice any major changes in the manner your body functions or feels, you should see a doctor immediately, particularly if the changes carry on for more than three weeks or gets poorer. It may not be cancer, but it’s safer to see a doctor and ask for their help. But if it is, it is better if found on time.

Source- zeenews.india.com

You might have heard about many cases of Cancer where either doctors couldn’t diagnose the deadly disease beforehand or could not save the patient. But, there are hospitals that you can rely on. Cancer treatment in Chennai is known to be highly advanced in nature. Not just Bangalore, but Mumbai and Delhi too have specialized hospitals for Cancer treatment you can trust upon.

According to doctors, a large number of their patients are not capable enough to afford targeted drugs that are used in the treatment of cancer, which might cost them up to Rs.20 lakhs. You can opt for the Best Cancer hospital in Chennai or in other metropolitan cities where you can receive quality and reliable treatment at subsidized costs. It is somewhat ordinary to come across patients who terminate their treatment in the middle, as they are not capable to pay for it. According to a recent research carried out in London, it has been revealed that cancer is one of the most expensive diseases to treat.  A heart-touching video of a girl struggling with CANCER, beseeching her father to save her life from cancer which took the nation by storm after she lost her life to the fatal disease; this tells us the conditions in India and how expensive the treatment of cancer can be.

With this lethal disease aiming deep origins in India, it is essential to be familiar about cancer and what you can do in order to prevent it.

Reasons for Rise of Cancer in India

No disease comes without any reasons… so does CANCER. There are many reasons which we have given to invite Cancer to our country, to our people and to our body. Today, there are numerous kinds of Cancers waiting to attack our body, irrespective of our sex or age. From newborn babies to aged people, everyone is at risk of CANCER. Here are some reasons that Cancer is at such a high rate of rise in India-


Tobacco use is associated with about 20 percent of universal cancer deaths and 70 percent of overall lung cancer. Lung cancer is one of the most common kinds of cancer. Lung Cancer is reaching for 13 percent of fresh cancer cases globally and a shocking 19 percent of cancer-associated deaths globally. The ever-increasing popularity of smoking has resulted in lung cancer attaining outbreak proportions in India, whereas projected 2,500 deaths every day can be associated with tobacco-related diseases. In 2010, smoking listed for a projected number of 930,000 deaths; 1 in 5 deaths amongst men and 1 in 20 amongst women.

Can one ad before movies or drastic images on the packs of smoke/tobacco stop or even control Cancer? NO IT CANNOT!!

Ultraviolet Radiation

Ultraviolet waves of the sun harm the DNA of cells. Excessive exposure to these rays may also lead to skin cancers. Covering yourself well and using a lot of sunscreen lotion with a high SPF might put off chances of cancer.

Carcinogenic Chemicals and Food

Chemical carcinogens for instance – asbestos, arsenic, benzene and diesel exhaust and a number of carcinogenic foods like- salted, smoked, pickled, and overcooked foods can also be a reason for cancer. Consuming Vitamin C pills and supplements and Vitamin C-rich meals possibly will defend against the effects carcinogenic foods leading to cancer.

Ionizing Radiation

Excessive exposure to rays and emissions, such as X-rays and nuclear radiation can be a reason for DNA injury that might lead to cancer. Avoiding X-rays unless extremely needed or not living close to a nuclear power plant or nuclear waste disposal location can prevent this deadly disease.

Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

In the initial stages, cancer generally has no symptoms, but in due course of time, an evil tumor will grow big enough to be noticed. As it continues to develop, it may force down some nerves and produce pain, make a way into the blood vessels and cause bleeding or hinder with the function of a body organ or structure.

The earlier a cancer is diagnosed, the more probable it is that the treatment will be a successful one. Understanding what kind of symptoms and alterations in your body to watch out for could be essential.

The following symptoms may point out the presence of a type of cancer:

  • Coughing blood
  • Constant headaches
  • Mysterious loss of weight or hunger
  • Persistent hurting in bones
  • Continual exhaustion, sickness, or vomiting
  • Relentless low-grade fever, either constant or blinking
  • Frequent cases of infection
  • Frequent Fever
  • Lumps on any part of body

Types of Cancer

According to Wikipedia“There are over 100 different known cancers that affect humans”.
According to CancerIndia.orgCancer Statistics in India

  • Estimated number of people living with the disease: around 2.5 million
  • Every year, new cancer patients registered: Over 7 lakh
  • Cancer-related deaths: 5,56,400

Deaths in the age group between 30-69 years

  • Total: 3,95,400 (71% of all cancer related deaths)
  • Men: 2,00,100
  • Women: 1,95,300

The most common types of Cancer, India is dealing with are- Blood Cancer, Liver Cancer, Brain tumor, lung cancer, throat cancer, oral cancer, mouth cancer, lip cancer, neck cancer, cervix cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer, prostate cancer and intestine cancer.

Precautions to Keep Yourself Safe from CANCER

Better safe than sorry. So, let us all try to live a healthy lifestyle and say no to this deadly disease. No one wants to fall sick and if the disease is cancer, you would take every measure possible to stay away even from the chance of getting it. So it is better to have a healthy diet, exercise well and be cancer-free.

  • Consume lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat fresh food and stay away from canned food (Ready to eat, fruits and juices)
  • Be as much as physically dynamic
  • Limit the amount of processed meat in your diet.
  • Make sure you are neither too heavy nor too lean.
  • Shield yourself from the sun rays
  • Don’t share needles or other infected apparatus
  • Get medical check-ups on a regular basis
  • Add Yoga & Meditation to your daily routine
  • Avoid the use of tobacco/ Smoke

These precautions will not only prevent cancer but will also give you a much healthier life which will build your immunity to fight other diseases as well. One more step that all of us should take is Stem Cell Banking. Stem cells of newborn can give you and your family members a guarantee of safety from many deadly diseases.

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