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Smoking in injurious to health and everyone knows it, then what is the reason? Why would anyone ever pick up a cigarette? Why people pick their first cigarette? Let’s explore why do people start smoking and get addicted to it, Once we know the reasons, we can definitely help them stop before they get addicted to smoking. Let us find out Why people pick their first cigarette which later on becomes a habit and then addiction.

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Social/Friends Circle

Yes, believe it or not. People who have a friend/ social circle of smokers pick their first Cigarette. When you see your friends smoking and having fun, you don’t even realize when you pick your first cigarette and when it becomes habit. The best way to stay safe is to keep a distance with people who smoke.

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Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is somewhat related to friends circle but is different. Peer pressure is when your friends, colleagues force and pressurize you to pick your first cigarette. No matter how much you try to stay away from smoking, your friends/colleagues will keep forcing you to smoke. Once you pick your first cigarette it will become a habit for sure.

Work Benefits

In office parties and get together, when you meet your seniors, it becomes an obligation for you to give them company in smoking or drinking to get work benefits. It is an unsaid necessity of a working person. It is you who have to decide what is more important for you, some work benefits or long term health benefits.

Parental Influence

Kids who have seen their parents or family members smoking are more prone to smoking. The simple reason is the kid has seen his family members smoking, whom he has trusted from his childhood. Smoking for him is not bad because his elders have been doing it. It becomes the duty of elders to stay away from kids, when they smoke. Or to Quit smoking just for their kids.


When the body and mind is stressed out, our mind tricks us for going toward bad things. You must have seen a stressed person getting irritated for no specific reason or fighting for no reason. When a person is stressed out, he is very docile and is prone to bad things and habits easy. Smoking

Call of today’s society

Who doesn’t want to be following the latest trends? Night parties, smoking and drinking is like the trend of today’s youth, but is it worth it? Youth is the present and the future of any society, getting

Media Influence

Believe it or not, the youth gets influenced by the media. Movies, ads and your favorite actors all influence you. When you watch them smoking on Silver screen, you want to imitate them. Your love and respect for your favorite actor forces you to believe that smoking is good.

Habit of copying

Some people have the habit of copying others, they can’t think of positive or negative. Once a young person picks a cigarette to copy someone else, the nicotine makes the person addicted to it. And the end result is your body starts craving for smoking.

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